Department of Very Recent Anomalies 2

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Last summer, in June, my teenage kids and I were minding our own business; me working in the yard and they goofing off while I worked in the yard. (Why is this typical?)

We watch the skies closely when we’re outside because we know UFOs are real. The term “UFO” is bothersome to us, so we call them what they are-space craft. “UFO” is a lousy way to characterize the ships that our families zoom around in, if you ask me.

Anyway, my son noticed some pathways carved through overhead clouds. They looked rather peculiar, so he grabbed his digital camera and started shooting. See the pictures below. The anomalies are very much like Ann’s recent photos that she shot while walking her dog.

These pathways were quite interesting and as we stood there wondering just how in hell they were being formed, the answer flew right into view. See the pictures below.

Space craft! Right overhead! My adrenaline surged and I started screaming like an idiot for my son to get some video and stills. Naturally, this was one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to us. We stood there in awe as the craft cut through clouds making those pathways and then watched as it flew around in clear sky. It made angled turns, loops and was in no particular hurry to disappear. The whole sighting lasted a good five minutes. Even had a neighbor come over and when we pointed it out to him, he said “oh, that’s nice,” then went back to his living room to finish watching a NASCAR race. I think the space craft could’ve landed in his front yard and as long as it didn’t leave any marks in his grass, he’d keep watching TV.

Chemtrail clean up.

Chemtrail clean up.

Space craft.

Space craft.

The craft was cleaning up some chemtrails. It’s nice to have friends in high places. Don’t know about anyone else, but we’re ready for disclosure.

Be at peace,

Mike V.


3 thoughts on “Department of Very Recent Anomalies 2

  1. “The craft was cleaning up some chemtrails.”


    Just saw this post, too. Huh. Maybe that’s what I saw today, too! I’ve been filming the chemtrail action the past ten days or so in my city. This was the first time I had seen a craft associated with one, although a guy on YouTube in my city has filmed orbs and so on in and through the trails.

    So interesting. Glad I found your site! (I seem to be finding a lot of cool sites lately, lol! 😉 )

  2. mike0v says:


    This space craft was cleaning the chemtrails and I also think it was my family coming for a visit. Really. The way it flew right over my house and the way it hesitated and circled and took its time leads me to believe that.


    • That’s so cool! It’s encouraging, too, because whoever knows me would know that I spend a lot of time looking at the trees over which I saw it. It definitely would have been a kind of “wave” to me, showing up over the trees like it did!

      I was trying to maintain neutrality, just in case it was a party that does not have my best interests at heart (let’s just say…). But now I am kind of getting excited that it was THEM. Wow. That would be so awesome!

      Thanks, Mike.

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