January 2011. Standing outside. As luck would have it, had my digital camera with me. (Taking pictures of my cat on the driveway.)

Odd object cruises overhead. Looks something like a balloon, but it has lobes and it changes course against the wind. It morphs as it flies by.

I believe it was a space probe of some sort. After hours of tweaking the images with photo editing software, it became obvious that it wasn’t a balloon. It can’t be seen here, but the object has three lobes of different colors and a dome-like structure at its center. It continued on its way in no particular hurry until it was out of sight.

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  1. Oh whoa!!!!!

    I was looking at your site as it’s one of the links on Exopermaculture (Anne’s) page — (Although she has the link slightly wrong on that page, just FYI.)

    I was thinking about commenting on the Pleiadian stuff I read here, but decided not to (although I have been told I am a Pleiadian starseed, too. It took me three years to get on board with it!)… BUT, then I got to this post!

    In all honesty, I just took a photo of something like this today. I saw it yesterday, too, but passed it off as a bird or balloon something. Today, I got the thing on film and is has roughly these same dimensions and a similar round quality. Since it was the second day I saw it, and in about the same spot, I think it is not just a balloon, heh heh.

    I need to edit my photos to increase sharpness, but I am sure I saw something similar (it was following or going alongside a chemtrail & it hovered over the trees in front of my apartment).

    Interesting, eh?!

    Cool site! I’m following. šŸ™‚
    Calliope the Muse

  2. mike0v says:


    Thanks so much for telling me this.

    Yes, what you saw was a probe of some sort and not only that, it was checking up on you. That may seem crazy, but I’ve heard of many lightworkers being visited by their stelan families using probes and space craft.

    Lightworkers see space craft (UFOs) much more than anyone else and there’s a reason for that. We have family and they’re concerned about us.

    In my other post “Department of Very Recent Anomalies 2”, I’m convinced that the space craft that flew over my house had family members inside and they wanted to briefly visit.


    • Hi! Not crazy, I know. I know it was checking up on me (especially as it was the second day in a row).

      I’m still not sure “who” it was. As Denise LeFay at the blog Transitions ( likes to call them, it could have been “Team Dark.” Or, as Cameron Day whom Cobra posted about calls them: the “Ankle Biters.”

      But I had no fear and figure if they were benevolent to me then this is my first contact which I have been seeking!

      I’ll wait to see if I see them again and I have been shown through some other Lightworkers how to figure it out, or, rather, how to say “hello.” I’m nervous, but not afraid. Just have to get over the heebie-jeebies that it is real, yanno? LOL! šŸ˜‰

      I think I was mostly encouraged by the synchronicity of running into this post. It’s a good sign that all is well, and that it is my brothers and sisters come to say hi to me and let me know they are watching over me. In the good way, haha.

      I’ll check out that post! Thanks!!

      P.S. All the Pink Floyd references on your blog has had me listening to “On the Turning Away” over and over! Man, PF sure was tapped into something, no?

    • mike0v says:

      Pink Floyd was most definitely tuned in. Did you listen to “Learning to Fly?” That song hits me right in the heart.

      And “On the Turning Away” has me in tears every time I listen to it.

      Lots of bands are awakened, but I’m sure you already know that.

      Behave yourself,


    • I didn’t, but “Learning to Fly” made me think of “On the Turning Away.” That song is just so great. *knife in heart*

      Yup, many bands are! And my team has been using Shuffle on my iPod to communicate with me for about six years now, lol. In fact, they were just teasing me about that the other day when I brought it up. Now I know who it *really* was, although at the time I thought it was only my higher self. In fact, it was my entire team. They had a good laugh at showing me how they picked the songs! They crack me up… šŸ˜€

      This could sound a bit ridiculous, I know, but I’ve read enough of your blog to know you will get it, lol.

      Peace out!

  3. mike0v says:

    You are very wise, Calliope.
    I do get it. My kids and I have noticed the shuffle selection on our iPods gets taken over by “someone” who is sending a message. It happens all the time.

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