Step one to five

These five epiphanies have defined my life and I’m glad that I was able to live this long so I could experience them.


  1. You have to know about others in order to get a grip on our human life. Being familiar with mental illness is crucial to understanding how people act and behave. If you can’t distinguish between how a normal brain functions and how an abnormal brain functions, then you simply do not know about others. It’s vital to our awakening.
  2. You have to know yourself. If you can’t spend a day watching yourself from a painfully objective and detached perspective, analyzing your behavior and actions, then you’re lost. Spend a day with your ego parked on a shelf, watching yourself as a casual observer would. That’s how I came to my realization about having ADHD. You won’t awaken until you do this.
  3. You have to know where we are. The vast majority of humans simply don’t know about our place in this galaxy. We are not alone. We have never been alone. Evidence of this galactic community exists everywhere on our planet, but people choose to disbelieve anything that might prove otherwise.
  4. You have to know who you are to make the jump to awakening. We are infinite beings, spiritual in every sense, having human experiences over and over through reincarnation. You have to understand that every single sentient being in our universe has a soul fragment that is connected to Divinity. You have to understand that you already know about your spiritual self and Divine Law and that this knowledge is being kept from you.
  5. You have to know that we’re trapped here on earth. Numerous gurus and spiritual guides have preached over centuries that our lives we live here on earth are part of a lesson that each soul must go through in order to ascend. They’ve said that it takes many lifetimes to learn enough to be allowed to graduate. It’s a load of crap. We are trapped here on earth. Period. And when we finally figure it out, we can escape and return home.


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