Various emails


Read your book. It was quite the ride. I don’t know how you’re still alive after those early years.

Gotta say thanks for putting Bill’s life out there for all to see. Well done.

For someone such as yourself this might not be hard to believe, but I’m convinced that Bill is my brother. Not from this planet, though, but from our original home.

I’ve seen several things in my meditations that point to this conclusion. Your book was the trigger for these insights. Some of the visions were quite lucid. I believe that Bill and I incarnated here together on the same day with similar missions.

As I celebrate my birthday today, I’ll raise a toast to Bill in remembrance. You’ll be seeing him again, Kevin.

(Kevin Booth wrote “Bill Hicks-Agent of Evolution.” Bill Hicks and I were born on the exact same day and both of us were awakened.)

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