Our enigmatic moon

The moon is an artificial satellite. This has been hypothesized for many years by numerous astronomers and researchers. The reasons:  the moon’s soil was discovered to be older than the earth and the sun. The sun is generally believed to be 5 billion years old. The earth, 4.6 billion years old. The regolith (soil) returned from Luna was dated at 5.3 billion years.


The rocks and regolith on Luna are of different composition. They should be the same. Also, the regolith on Luna has a different specific gravity than the soil on earth. If the moon was created from a collision with the surface of the earth, the specific gravity of the two bodies should match.


The size of the moon is a puzzle. It is exactly large enough to eclipse the sun during an eclipse event. It’s not just a little smaller or just a little larger; it’s exactly the right size to block out the sun.


The moon orbits the earth in an almost perfect circular orbit. There are no other moons in our solar system that do that. Luna’s rotation was stopped sometime in the deep past so that all we see is one side of the surface. There is a dark side that humanity never sees unless we go there.


The orbit of the moon is on exactly the same plane as the earth. No other moon in our solar system does that. If the moon was created from a collision with earth, the orbit would never have ended up on the same plane.


The craters on Luna aren’t right. The depth of the craters is much too shallow for the given diameter of them. Scientists have known for a long time that the craters on Luna should be much, much deeper and have different shapes. Luna craters have a convex central area, which is indicative of a shallow crust.


Recently a paper was published by astronomers that detail an extremely baffling turn of events with our moon. The orbit of Luna is starting to become elliptical. And this has happened very recently, like within the last 40 years or so. There is NO explanation for it that astronomers can determine. Something is making Luna change its path around earth and there is absolutely NO logical explanation for it.


Here’s what is believed by researchers:  the moon was placed in orbit by ETs billions of years ago to keep track of our progress. Many believe that the moon is a metallic sphere that’s hollow and covered in rock and soil that was harvested from different locations in our galaxy. There ARE bases on the dark side of the moon that seem to be of intelligent origin. The gravity of Luna varies from place to place, but in such a way that it seems that a metallic frame has been broken and repaired under the surface over the eons, and denser areas of metal are causing higher readings of gravity.


A hell of a lot of other weird stuff has been found out and reported about our moon, but I’m not gonna keep going. Get on the web and read about it yourselves.


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