Various emails

Everything that you see, everything that you’ve experienced, everything that has touched your life, every moment of time that you’ve lived is part of an illusion. An enormous dream that you chose to be a part of.

It could be called a game and the name of it could be “Guess Where You Are?”

We all have sunk so deep into this 3D world that even a glimmer of hope of escaping it doesn’t cross our minds. Who we used to be is magnificent, but we can’t remember it.

Finding the truth is very easy. But most humans choose not to find it and live on in mundane, anxious lives. I’m no better than anyone else, either. I just got lucky enough to figure out the game.

When you look up into the sky at night and see the stars, maybe some of you have wondered how it is that we live in such a beautiful place but aren’t allowed to see it. Why don’t we get to visit our universe?

Our universe was never designed that way. We DO get to see it.

I send these emails to you guys to help you see the truth. All of humanity has suffered and sacrificed and been enslaved for thousands of years and now all that bad stuff is coming to an end. I just want you guys to know it.

It’s hard to envision a life outside this 3D world but try it anyway.

Everything I’ve told you guys, all the emails and articles and videos, is the truth. If any of it resonated with you then the next 14 months will be easy. For those that choose to stay buried in the illusion it won’t be easy. It’s that simple.

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