What it’s like

Describing awakening is tough.

What a person feels and suddenly understands literally takes the breath away, like
walking to the edge of the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Sure, hints and tips and clues pepper your life from an early age but it’s that
exploding moment of awakening that glues all that stuff together.

I will never forget the epiphany.

Somehow, for some of us, our BS detector becomes well-honed, to the point where we
can read something, anything and know, just know intuitively, that what we’re reading
is horse hockey or not.

My detector was never well-honed until recently. A gullible life I lived for many

A lengthy series of posts on Above Top Secret featured commentary by a person who
called himself ET_MAN. He took questions about spirituality, religion, knowledge,
love and human existence and never stumbled even once in his beautiful, insightful

I could tell, as many others who read his writing, that this guy wasn’t from around

He described in exquisite detail everything of the light. Yep, everything. The posts
went on for over 250 pages, last time I checked.

Embedded in a reply to one of these posts was a link to another series of posts on
God Like Productions. This link lead to even more deeper knowing. It was a
masterpiece of enlightenment given by a person called Insider.

His “Revelations of an Elite Family Insider” became the conk on the head I needed to
wake up. In the posts, he also took questions about spirituality, religion, etc. and
at no time came close to hiccuping even once in his answers.

This dude wasn’t from around here, either.

He painted the very real and unsettling panorama of the elite families that rule our
world and the descent into darkness these people choose to embark upon.

So there I had it; the light and the dark explained.

It was while reading about the dark, halfway through the posts, when the conk was

In a split second of time, the world made sense. Somehow an electromagnet inside your
mind is fed some current and all those metal filings that represent your scrambled
interpretation of the universe get sucked into alignment.

The very first thing I noticed was that the tension and effort in my eye muscles
vanished. Almost like the feeling you get when your big brother has been sitting on
you and gets up suddenly.

The eyes get the relief first. Maybe it’s because we use them so much.

This washing out travels downward into your belly, then makes its way into your arms
and legs. It feels like being cleaned from the inside out. Like everything inside of
you is dirty and caked with mud and the revelation flushes it away.

There is some kind of lightening that takes place. Feels like you just shed 20 pounds
and could float.

I stood up, agape. For five full minutes I stared at a wall while hundreds of
thoughts zipped through my mind, piecing together the unsolved puzzle of what the
hell is going on in our world.

Each bit of this information was cloudy and unresolved before. Now it wasn’t. I
must’ve been grinning like a monkey because my boss spotted me and asked if I was

The next three days were some of the best in my life. I was stupefied. And I looked
like it, too.

The cleansed, lightened, enlightened sensation continued and I tested so many things
that I thought I knew the truth about but could now calibrate against this inner
knowing for verification. What a blast that was. Finally having answers and they’re
built right inside you. Cool.

Maybe I was in a slightly higher dimension because three days later the magic wore
off and I found myself trudging through life again. The knowing remained but the
sensation drained away.

And so my life as a star-seed began. Sometimes when I’m tired and had enough I look
up into the sky and yell to my higher self, “Michael, what the hell were we

I’m almost positive I can hear him laughing.

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