Channeled messages-a headache for us all

Channeled messages are a complete pain in the arse. I don’t think I need to list the numerous reasons why these messages are troublesome, as we all have had our gripes about them.

But it is kind of a quest for me to determine just who in hell is telling the truth and who isn’t in all these beautiful, dreamy posts. If I know who is reliable and who isn’t, I could spend a lot less time in front of a computer monitor and more time taking naps. A worthy goal, for me.

In 2008, James from the WingMakers website was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy and, later, the written transcript was archived on her site. James’ insights and knowledge are unparalleled, so I give him my trust.

In one of her questions, she asks James to address the role of channeling. His answer is revealing and gave me more tools to use in discerning junk from gold.

He says, “Channeling is a sub-component of…the Human Mind System. The origins of channeling arise from Anu’s attempt to automate his persona into the human domain…”

“Channeling was originally the equivalent of demon possession where inter dimensional entities would temporarily infuse themselves within the human instrument and read a script prepared for them…”

“In more recent times channeling has become more automated, using pre-programmed scripts, voice tonalities, gestures and accents which are implanted in the HMS of the individual channeler, and quite literally “broadcast” for later publication and dissemination…”

So, what does all this mean?

Well, for me, it means that channeled messages are a load of hooey, for the most part.

James is clear in pointing out that most, if not all, channeled messages are arriving from within the Human Mind System, which is the duality polarity plane(s) of existence.

In other words, the comfy, loving, reassuring posts that we see every day do not originate in the 5th dimension, or unity consciousness, which is where earth and humanity wish to end up.

The messages are arriving from the STO/STS realm (4th dimension) and are meant to placate us with love and compassion and at the same time, mislead and deceive us.

I believe this is the reason why we never see promises kept. The promises are BS because they are not originating from 5th dimension unity consciousness.

Adamu from the Zingdad website addressed this issue with a sharply clarifying video and I highly recommend that everyone watch it. Yes, Adamu’s message is channeled, but as you listen to him sort out the confusion that exists in the lightworker community, it starts to become obvious that he’s speaking the truth. He exists in 5th dimension unity consciousness, apparently.

His information is quite clear: channeled messages might make you feel good, but they’re coming from a place where we don’t want to be. They’re coming from the STO/STS 4th dimensional realm; our goal is 5th dimensional unity consciousness.

I highly recommend that all lightworkers go over the James interview and watch the Adamu video. These pieces of information are like a blazing beacon in a very dark place. My confusion was lessened considerably after studying these resources.

The final word in all this mess is that earth and humanity are moving away from fear and into a higher vibratory plane where love is unconditional, but the commentary from the peanut gallery isn’t accurate and promises are made which aren’t kept.

So, what’s REALLY going on in the skies, in the higher dimensions, in the underground world, in the seats of power and in the spiritual hierarchy?

I do not know, but I can say that the entities delivering all the channeled messages don’t know, either. It’s time to ignore them.

Now, I’m going for a nap.




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