Starseed homework

To all lightworkers starseeds:

Read the interview transcript and watch the videos.

The interview is lengthy and will take some time to read, but when you’re finished, your mind will have been stretched to its limits like a rubber band. James knows what the hell is going on here and you will, too, when you’re done.

Zingdad, (strange name he picked for himself) channels Adamu and has several videos archived on his website. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s more channeled material, but when you listen to Adamu you’ll find a much different kind of message. His words are the dictionary definition of resonance.

This interview and these videos should be required assignments for all lightworkers starseeds around the world, if you ask me.

Note: there are five Adamu Speaks videos/transcripts in chronological order. Watch/read all five of them. I highly recommend watching the videos instead of just reading the transcripts. Zingdad has done a masterful job of creating the imagery in the videos and they are a joy to watch. The number 2 video “The Disclosure Issue” is so important, so elucidating and so clarifying that I’ve watched it several times.

Another note: all lightworkers should be required to read a series of posts made by Insider on God Like Productions in 2005. He/she is a member of the ruling elite of our world. After reading this material, you will have gained great insight into the dark side.

6 thoughts on “Starseed homework

  1. Shannon says:

    Thank you dear Mike for providing these excellent resources for us! I have read through the Q & A with Insider first, and I will look at the rest later. I would like to suggest that you would be interested in reading the Q & A provided by Hidden Hand entitled “Window of Opportunity”. It is truly a fascinating read! Link:

  2. Shannon says:

    I have begun on the other homework assignments ;) I started listening to “Adamu Speaks” and I chose to begin with “The Disclosure Issue”. Everything he said made perfect sense, as per usual with him (and I). I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will watch all the videos he has put out and possibly order his book. Okay, probably order his book ;)

    Now, on to the WingMakers interview. First off, I had heard of the WingMakers but I wasn’t sure who they were exactly and it wasn’t in the beginning of the interview, so I Googled them to figure out who was speaking. With that framework in place I am reading the interview. I feel that the information is very important and I don’t want to just skim through it. And so I am about 60% through and absorbing the information. What I want to comment here is that the information can seem very complex and somewhat confusing – and even contradicting while reading it. So instead of trying to figure it out, I suggest not worrying about every last detail but instead absorbing it with your heart. That is a difficult concept to explain, but once you get it – you’ve got it.

    Thanks again Mike, for helping me with yet another piece of the puzzle. :)

  3. Shannon says:

    In one of his videos that I watched today, Zingdad explains why he calls himself “Zingdad”. He has his dog there with him and he said, “This is Zing, and I’m his Dad”. lol :)

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