Below is my reply to a fellow lightworker on another blog concerning channeled messages.


I would never interfere with your choice to read anything. You have free will and I respect it as we are equal souls in our universe.

My comment is meant to dig a little deeper for all lightworkers. I believe it’s time for all of us to graduate from the grade school offerings of channeled messages.

What does that mean? It means that YOU are the only soul you should listen to when it comes to matters of spirituality and our ascension. You are a sovereign soul of our universe and there is not a single entity, anywhere, that is above you or below you. We are all equals.

Ascended masters, ETs, angelic beings; every single one of them that exists is your brother or sister and have achieved no higher place than you have. There are no levels of importance or degrees of spirituality between you and Divinity. We are all one.

After reading channeled messages for months on end, I believe that many lightworkers become enamored of the authors of these posts and start to see them as better or more spiritual than the rest of us. Am I the only one who has noticed this? No, I’m not.

Thorough research of the origins of these messages shows that they are not completely forthright and purposely mislead us. The purpose of these posts is to rob us of our energy and misdirect our focus. What happened to Blossom Goodchild in 2008 is a perfect example of this trickery.

Ascension is approaching and I believe it’s time for lightworkers to stand on their own two feet and remember who we are. It’s time to graduate. We’ve done enough studying. It’s time to put the books away.

Look at yourself in a mirror. You are a powerful, spiritual being who needs no coaching from a channeled message that originates from some unknown place. The only coach you need lives inside you. Listen to yourself instead of Matthew or Salusa. Matthew and Salusa are your equals. They are no better than you are. Take advice from your inner self and no one else.

Why? Because lightworkers will never reach mastery until they do. Reaching mastery means letting go of all the crap floating around on the web and looking within for guidance and answers. Do you think there are masters that rely on the words of a channeled message for insight?

Reaching mastery means finding all you need within yourself. When we decide to ascend into unity consciousness, will there be channeled messages to lead the way?

You are God. I am God. Everyone, everywhere is God. Step into your divine birthright and become confident of your abilities and spirituality and turn loose of another being’s words.

As an equal member of our grand universe, as a part of Divinity that you are, all that is will be shaped by your creativity and desire. Don’t allow others to create for you. Become the beacon of light you are meant to be and look to no other for help.

It’s time for us to reach mastery, my fellow lightworkers. It’s time for us to go deep within for all that we need. It’s time for us to graduate because our jobs will soon start. It’s time for us to move from childhood to adulthood.

Be at peace,


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Shannon says:

    “You are God. I am God. Everyone, everywhere is God. Step into your divine birthright and become confident of your abilities and spirituality and turn loose of another being’s words.” Right on! In addition, the flower outside my window in my garden is God, as is the rock sitting next to it.

    Look, channeled messages are great for those who are first awakening. But, yes, we should wean ourselves from this comfy place and strike out on our own. KP had a similar message today. If you wrote this message without seeing his’ first, I’d be really impressed that we are all in synch! 😉

    • mike0v says:


      Yes, I wrote this message before reading KP’s stuff. Actually, I haven’t read the posts on KP’s blog yet. I’ll have to go there and check it out.

      Your observation about being in sync really hits home with me. During this whole awakening process, it has felt like channeled messages were exactly in tune with my level of consciousness and the subject material advanced in step with my learning. Almost like we were being guided by our inner spirit and written posts which were in sync.

      But now it feels different. The channeled messages have become drab for me. I think you’re right when you say they’re good for those who are first awakening, this makes sense. Now, however, it’s getting late and if you’ve been awakened for any length of time, you gotta realize there’s a “letting go” point. I would guess that the majority of lightworkers are at this “letting go” phase.

      Be at peace,


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