The Akashic Records

A fellow lightworker asked if I could describe my experience of visiting the Akashic Records while meditating, so I thought, “sure, what the heck.”

But this comes with a big disclaimer: I can only relate what I saw, I wasn’t “there” for a very long time and I didn’t see any signs that said “Welcome to the Akashic Records. Quiet please.”

So, here goes:

Last fall, on no particularly special day, I sat down to meditate and was able to reach a very deep stillness that lasted for two hours. I was completely checked out from this 3rd dimensional illusion we’re living in. Way, way checked out.

After some routine visions of geometric shapes, misty cloud formations of hearts, strange, flowing rivers of exotic colors and the usual collection of human faces, I found myself in a gargantuan library. The place was miles long and had countless bookshelves in vast rows and, of all things, I was floating down an aisle. Not walking. Floating. Which was exceedingly cool but somehow it felt very normal; like I’d done it many times before.

The bookshelves were old and well-worn and each of them was filled with volumes that were almost twelve inches thick. I cruised along and eventually stopped and when I did I took a book down and opened it to find thousands of names listed in a directory format. That’s all, just names, nothing else. But each name was printed in colors different from the others and the colors were vibrant, like really magnified, electric paint.

I touched the top name and it acted like a hyperlink on the internet; a holographic image appeared above the book that looked like a standard 3 x 5 card, only a little larger. Characters were printed on the card and what language the information was printed in, I have no idea, but it certainly wasn’t English. The text was neatly laid out in a format that was common to all the entries and the words and numbers on the entry had a very scientific look to them.

In very short order it became clear to me that this listing was the code for building a human being. Somehow I also knew that the card contained the details about this person, including the planet he incarnated upon, how long he lived and a bunch of other pertinent information.

Naturally, this person that I just happened to pick from gazillions of entries, was me. I didn’t realize it was my own listing until I had read most of the card. It was quite the thrill and it became even more fascinating when I saw that my name was at the top of a list that went on for hundreds of pages!

The lives I lived in my many incarnations were listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent life, this one, occupying the top space. There were no other entries above it and somehow I knew it was because I’m done with this experiment and it’s time to go home.

My time in the records hall was limited. I knew this because of a nudge I was getting that was telling me to wrap it up but before the book closed in my hands and I was booted out of the library, I caught a glimpse of the name listed just below the top entry; my most recent past life.

What a gift! I know who I was before this life.

And, sure enough, after doing some genealogical research on the web, I’ve found that this past life of mine has been verified in my meditations and our story fits together like two pieces of a really big puzzle.

Our universe is so cool, is it not?


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