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Below is one of the most enjoyable question and answer sessions I’ve ever had. Shannon and I met through this blog and have been emailing each other regularly. She has a gift that stupefies me; she can talk to spirits.

My gift is visual. Everything I’ve learned since my awakening has been something I’ve seen. But so many of our fellow lightworkers can channel and to me, this is amazing. That’s why I peppered her with questions.

Bear in mind, anyone who might read this, I wanted details about the nuts and bolts of how channeling works so I could understand what it’s like. And I’m appropriately fascinated by Shannon’s answers.

“The visions I have aren’t a big deal to me, Shannon. They just happen.”
I think that sometimes we all think other peoples’ gifts are better than ours’, just because we don’t have them or haven’t perfected them yet. That’s one big reason why we come together and talk to each other, to learn about what other people have figured out. By the way, I’m still waiting to hear more about the Akashic Records. ;)

[Done. Check my post on the 7th, which I wrote because Shannon asked.]

“It’s a hallmark of a lightworker, I think. You’re gonna live a crappy life…”
I have also found this to be the case. I have wondered before if it has to do with karma and either a) living out more than one lifetime’s worth of karma (that we would normally take several lives to work out), or b) working out additional karma for other people in our soul groups or humanity in general, or c) all of the above. This is the insight I have received from spirit.

“When spirits reach you, do you hear a voice inside your head?”
No. Not usually. I think we’ve all had the experience of hearing a voice (literally, through our ears) when we are either falling asleep or waking up. I have heard a voice saying one word and I have heard a whole sentence this way – but very rarely remember it. The information is placed in my head. It is telepathy. Imagine if you opened a book, then picked up a sentence with your hands (imagine), then placed that sentence into my brain. I then have to interpret (or read) that sentence. That is what it is like.

“Is it like telepathy; you just know what each other is thinking?”
Yes, it is like telepathy. But I don’t automatically know what spirit is thinking. I only get what he/she/it gives me. I have given spirit express permission to always be able to read my thoughts, though. Your guides may not automatically be able to do this. So, if it is your wish, then (when nobody else is around – no matter if it makes you feel “crazy”) say to your guides, “Guides, I always want you to be able to help me most effectively in this life. I want you to be able to read my thoughts all the time.” If your higher self agrees and it isn’t against a contract made by you before incarnation, then it will be so.

Can you ask questions?
Absolutely! I have to do it just right (sometimes) because the answer (sometimes) comes so quickly! In fact, sometimes I don’t hear the answer because it comes BEFORE I’m finished asking the question!

If you can, do they answer?
Yes. I feel, though, that it is part of my contract to limit the answers to the “now” moment. They give me guidance.

“Have they ever described what it’s like in their realm of living?”
Yes, and no. They have led me to the correct sources that describes the other realms. Would you like for me to give you these sources? I assume, yes, since you asked the question. Read books by Sylvia Brown, if you’d like. But pay no attention to the parts where she tries to predict future events, as they are not accurate. Or, you can skip that and get right to the meat. Go to http://www.NDERF.org for the answers. Once you learn to talk with your guides you can do this: before I sit down at my computer, I ask my guides to lead me to the places on the internet that will help me today. What is the next lesson? Or, what will help me learn something new today? Within 3 clicks, I’ll be at that place. I’ll know it when I get there. Sometimes I’ll click on an article on Facebook, for example, and that will lead me to another click from that article, which will lead me to a 3rd one. Then I know I’m there. (It’s not necessarily the 3rd click – just within 3 clicks). It seems to me that on the nights I forget to ask for this guidance, I’ll many times get bored with what I’m reading and it seemed a waste of time.

“How do you know when they’re contacting you? Does a phone ring or something like that?”
*giggles* No. I just know. Let me try to describe it. Let’s say you’re at a cookout with many people. There is conversation going on everywhere and you’re just eating your BBQ chicken and half-listening. Then somebody says something that makes your ears perk up and you tune in to what that person is saying. It’s kind of like that. Sometimes it’s very urgent and other times it’s very subtle, and if you weren’t paying very close attention, you would have missed it. I’m sure I’ve probably missed a lot of messages, but I bet many times my subconcious picks it up – and that’s how most people do it anyway.

“Have any of them told you about upcoming events?”
Yes, and no. The main answer is “no”. Whan I ask about upcoming events I get complete silence. Sometimes I will get “Yes and No” for an answer. Very vague. I wonder if it is in my contract this way. There is a veil of forgetfulness for a few reasons. One of those reasons is so that we’ll find our own path and search for knowledge. Another reason is because we wanted to see if we could discover enlightenment ourselves in this 3D reality. However, I was guided to have a psychic reading before. The woman was very accurate and nearly everything she said has come true. But they are personal things. Another message I got was that we are way behind where I had thought we would be before I incarnated. I have a very optimistic outlook and when I was told something like, “If all goes well, then the ‘dark’ will see the light, and your world will change early and quickly” – well, that’s all I heard. But that didn’t happen. In fact, the message I have received is that it was more difficult than any of us realized, and the most forceful measures had to be taken to get anywhere. And my guides wanted me to know that I was not forgotten, and the plan was going to work out, it’s just taking longer and it was a more difficult task than we thought.

“Why do they contact you? Specifically, why? Is there usually a precise reason or is it just general stuff?”
For the most part, they don’t contact me, I contact them. I ask for their guidance and if they can, they give it. Now, in the case of my friend’s deceased brother, he contacted me! This is a whole different cookie than just talking to my guides. When he was with me, I could actually SEE him. Not with my eyes. But I could see him with my mind. Specifically out of the right side of my mind. I could sense his facial expressions and I could sense how he was feeling about what was going on. I could tell that he wasn’t accustomed to talking with 3D people. He would sometimes have to “act out” something to get his message across. Also, he would try to input too much information at a time into my mind. It all ended up a jumbled-up mess in there and I couldn’t make any sense out of it. And so I’d have to ask him to give me the information slower and to give less of it.


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