A Higher Plane

One day after my awakening I sat down on my couch to meditate. This day was nothing special. My two teenagers were hanging around, doing nothing special themselves. It was a routine day and I didn’t expect it to become anything more.

Well, after a good hour of being buried in a deep trance, I knew it was time to end my meditation and return to the mundane routine of a divorced father of two.

As I came out of my stupor I realized that my body had taken on a strange heaviness accompanied by fatigue and a weird sensation that the flow of time had somehow changed.

It was difficult for me to stand and when I did, unusual vibrations were running through all my muscles, making me feel as if I was being shaken like a cocktail mixed by a bartender.

Feeling very woozy and lightheaded, I tried walking and found that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be; not just because I was a human vibrator, but also because something was definitely wrong with time.

It was then that I realized that I had somehow raised my vibratory frequency above the level to which all of us have grown accustomed. Like the lower band of the 4th dimension, maybe.

Weird? Absolutely. First time this had ever happened to me and it felt uncomfortable.

We had stuff to do and it was time to get rolling, so my kids and I gathered up what we needed and started piling it into my car, but once I was outside I noticed that the world was a little different.

It’s hard to describe. Really. I was moving in slow motion or, at least, it seemed that way. If you’ve ever held a spinning gyro in your hand and tried to move it against its natural motion; well, that’s what it felt like.

I was vibrating faster than the surrounding environment and when you do, you move more slowly and deliberately and what you see starts to fade away. Plus, sounds became more pronounced and distinct.

I managed to drive us to my ex-wife’s house without incident, but when we arrived and climbed out of the car, the higher vibratory world started to manifest.

Standing in her driveway, I became frozen. I could walk and move my body, but there was an overwhelming desire to remain rigid and stare into the distance and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I DID NOT want to move. A powerful need came over me to just be still, like a statue.

My kids, by now, were getting nervous because this whole time I was trying to describe for them what I was feeling and now I was standing there, not moving and not saying anything. It took a few times to convince them that I was alright.

It was funny, actually. Imagine; I’m standing there, stock still, staring into the woods across the street, my eyes wide open and I keep saying, “I’m fine. Everything is okay……..” in a monotone voice like a zombie.

What happened next was amazing. The world started to disappear. Really. Everything in my field of vision began losing its color and becoming different shades of grey. Trees, shrubs, the road, a mailbox, the driveway; all of the colors that were there washed out into varying bands of grey.

And there was something beyond the colorless landscape in front of me. I couldn’t see it clearly, but it was coming into focus slowly and if I had been able to maintain my raised vibration, I’m convinced I would have seen into a higher dimension, but right at that time, someone poked me.

Now, this may sound bizarre, and believe me, I’ve thought about it for a long time, but someone, somewhere jabbed me between the legs right above my knees. From behind.

At first I thought it was one of my kids, but when I shook my head free of the changing dimensions, I noticed that both of them were standing a considerable distance away.

Still, I asked, “which one of you two clowns just jabbed me?”

“Dad, how could we jab you. You’re standing way over there?” My daughter. A quick wit.

Befuddled, I explained what I just felt and the three of us talked it over. We’ve come to the conclusion that somehow I was occupying two dimensions at the same time.

But who poked me and why?

A simple explanation, say my teenagers. I was standing in the living room of a little ET and was blocking his view of the TV.

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