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All of us in the lightworker community would like to see events starting to unfold. Right? Well, for me, I’m more than ready for something to happen and I’m not ashamed to say that because we’re all just humans, are we not?

I’m unable to be patient. The waiting is like one of those dreams we have where you’re running but not going anywhere or like you just stepped in fresh concrete and then try to slog out of it.

Be that as it may, I asked Shannon about our world situation because she’s plugged in and I am most certainly not.

“The second half of your response is amazing. What you were told is exactly what is going on! Every spiritual blog tells the same story: we’re way behind in this mess. But I want to know why? Why are we so behind? What happened? Who screwed up? We’re running out of time and still, most of humanity is fast asleep. Can you ask spirit about this again? Would they answer you if you did?”

This is exactly how it happened: One day last fall I was driving to work and listening (for spirit to offer a message). I was feeling down and like things were not right – something was wrong. Then suddenly out of nowhere I said out loud, “I’m supposed to be done with this by now!” I was like, where’d that come from??? I felt like I had been forgotten and felt kind of in a panic as if the plan was not going to work out (whatever that plan was). Later, I asked spirit about it. The answer I got was that “it’s okay, because the longer humanity goes without help from other-dimensional beings and the more they do on their own, the better off they’ll be in the long run”. But what happened? So I asked to be guided, and over the next month or so I was guided to websites (blogs and forums) where this issue was addressed (aparently I wasn’t the only one who was feeling this way or getting this message). So the next part I’m going to tell you was not channeled in any way by me, it’s just the pieces of the puzzle that I’ve been able to figure out by reading.

Before all of us incarnated (both the lightworkers and the dark-workers), we were all in a perfect place of beauty and glorious-ness. It’s easy when you are in that environment to envision that everything works out just perfectly and according to plan. All the dark people will see the light and they will want to be of the light. All the lightworkers will awaken and do their jobs just perfectly. Everything will come off without a hitch. Well, God, in his all-knowing-ness, put in a deadline (known as the “divine deadline”) so that if everything didn’t come off exactly as planned, then the other-dimensional people would come in and help more and more.

As an example, some lightworkers didn’t wake up. Some of them who did wake up did a ton of research and reading, but not too much light-“work”. Obviously, the job of the President (Obama) didn’t go as planned. And so to get anywhere, the divine deadlines had to be reached. In fact, I remember reading from one trusted site that they actually called in more light-ships from other worlds to help by beaming more light to the people of Earth to help awaken and to help them get moving!

But not to worry! I believe we have plenty of time. I do not believe that 2012 is a deadline. “Tolec”, my trusted friend from Andromeda, says that 2014 is the deadline. It’s just that between 2011 and 2014 is the Window of Opportunity. So even though we are feeling like we are way behind schedule, we are only feeling that way because before we incarnated, we thought all was going to come off without a hitch!

The message I received last night was that in the time continuum, we have already made it. Spirit explains to me what that means. What that means is that other-dimensional beings are able to view ahead in the timeline, and if everything goes exactly like it is going right now, they can see what the future is. And so now when they view ahead in the current timeline, they are seeing that we have made it (to wherever it is we’re supposed to be). Look at it this way, you can’t unlearn something you have learned. For example, once you know the truth about (say) 9-11, you can’t ever go back to not knowing. And so the timeline changes a bit just from the fact that so many people know that 9-11 was an inside job. And that’s just one little facet! People are waking up. And once you awaken, you can’t ever go back. Once you know you are an eternal spirit being of light, you can’t ever go back to not knowing that. That’s another facet that people are waking up to.

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