Notes on Meditation

People like lists. Must be something inside us that wants information delivered in short, meaningful bursts. Maybe lists are a lot like telepathy, where you can get a feel for a subject really quickly without being bogged down.

That’s just a guess, however. I don’t know a thing about telepathy. I’m about as telepathic as a pet rock, which is just as well, because if somebody saw what’s going on inside my mind, I’m almost certain they would run away. Fast.

Here’s some stuff I’ve learned and seen in my meditations:

Meditation is just like anything else; the more you practice, the better you get.

I fall asleep a lot when I meditate.

A simple breathing routine is all I use.

At first, the breathing is deep. By the time I’m fully immersed, I’m barely breathing at all.

Meditation is like the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when someone with well manicured fingernails scratches your back.

There’s an infinite amount of imagery you can see in meditation.

There exists a cartoon character dimension. I’ve seen it.

I opened my third eye once. Just once and very briefly. That experience alone changes your whole life.

Sometimes, when I’m really gone, my scope of vision becomes almost 360 degrees around my body.

Meditating at night, right before bed is a delight. When you do that, your dreams are gonna be whoppers.

I could try to list all my past lives I’ve seen in meditation, but that would be way too much work. All of us have lived countless lives. Yes, you have.

The colors in the higher dimensions blast your eyes with brilliance. Our colors here are muted and white washed compared to the colors up there.

I was once standing on the edge of a beautiful lake, somewhere, and right beside me was a duck. The duck was about four feet tall.

Bill Hicks and I were born on the exact same day. He died in 1994. I think my son is Bill reincarnated.

Kundalini, chakras, merkabas, astrology, the Tree of Life; all that stuff is beautiful. I don’t know anything about any of it.

One of my most vivid images was when I was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War. It was crystal clear. I could describe the grass and dirt for you.

I’ve seen my home planet. I think. The place was beyond magnificent. It was like Heaven.

Somebody argued with me on this planet. Could have been a brother. He didn’t want me to go to earth.

Many, many times I’ve seen a breathtakingly beautiful woman who has jet black hair and  the most subtle, delicate and creamy blue skin you can imagine. Please, please let her be someone I know!

I was a rodent of some kind once. In a very large barn.

I worked in the deep underground military bases. Lots of imagery from that life.

Meditation helps you to consciously dream.

Conscious dreaming is a blast. It is so much fun, you don’t want to wake up.

Meditation helps you to have out of body experiences. I’ve had one.

Meditation helps you to remote view. I was given a glimpse into remote viewing once while meditating. I went to my sister’s house and the living room was a huge mess.

I’ve seen the silver cord that connects us to our inner/higher selves.

Sometimes I’ll see words pass in front of my vision but it’s like my guides are messing with me. I can’t read them.

I can see visions when I close my eyes for a few minutes. I ride a bus to work every day. I close my eyes the whole time and see all kinds of stuff.

I was once standing on an enormous concrete apron that stretched for miles in front of me. In the distance was a huge tower, hundreds of feet tall that looked like a docking station for a space craft.

Air elementals create really cool cloud formations above my house. Hearts and angels are what I see the most.

On vacation in a mountain house, I meditated before I went to bed. I was taken on board a space craft that night while I slept.

My first ex-wife and I are soul mates. I badgered the crap out of her in a past life and she badgered the crap out of me in this life.

Somehow, we’re all attached to the oceans. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there.

Traveling through interstellar space is an experience that is indescribable. The beauty of it can never be rendered in words.

Our spirit guides, our inner/higher selves, the ascended masters, guardian angels, spiritually advanced ET races; they all have a great sense of humor.

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