Workers in the deep underground military bases get time off, apparently. I have several vivid memories delivered to me in meditation of my duty in one of them as a member of the USAF.

So, one day (or night, how the heck could you know?) I took a walk down a very wide and long tunnel that had many doors, one after another, embedded in the rock walls and  spaced unevenly for as far as I could see.

These tunnels are really something. They’re huge and have very high ceilings and the rock walls are as smooth as ceramic tile. The lighting isn’t so good, but you can still see without much difficulty.

I walked by another man who was opening an enormous roll-up, segmented door, like the ones you see behind a Home Depot. We didn’t speak to each other and he wasn’t concerned with me in the least. Regarding security, if you’re down there, you’ve got clearance.

I ambled along and after a little while, I decided to open one of the hundreds of doors that lined the walls of the tunnel. Mind you, this tunnel went on for miles.

I assume that the doors aren’t locked because the one I came to opened easily.

Inside was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

The room, or cavern, was gigantic and stretched out for thousands of feet. Its ceiling was way up there, hundreds of feet above the floor and the whole thing was dome shaped, like a bowl flipped over.

The size was enough to startle me, but even more amazing was what I saw in there.

It was a farm. Like something right out of Nebraska or Iowa. “Shock” is not a good enough word to describe my reaction.

In the distance, real crops were growing. There was a slight breeze, the air was fresh, sunshine flowed down onto the ground and and the sky was a picturesque blue.

Off to my left was an immaculate house. It would have been a perfect addition to a Norman Rockwell painting. Front porch, rocking chairs, colorful shutters, screen door, hanging plants, nice shrubs, garden hose, two stories; this place was the quintessential farmhouse.

I thought to myself, “now what in the hell is going on here?”

I looked around more closely and began to get the picture.

The “sky” was a holographic projection of some sort and the sunshine was coming from a large, cylindrical device that was hanging down from the apex of the dome. The “sky” even had large, fluffy clouds passing by, synchronized with the “breeze.”

The crops were growing in real dirt and there were many varieties. The air was thick with the earthy smell you would expect in such a scene.

I saw no people anywhere.

Slowly I came to realize what I was seeing. It was a living, working, virtual farm. Everything needed to grow crops underground was there. I’m sure there was a “rain” device that watered all the crops perfectly.

Here’s where it got creepy. For some reason I knew that the farm was worked by mind controlled humans. I don’t know how, but I just did.

Drugged enough, brainwashed enough, conditioned enough a husband and wife could live there, farming and producing crops for the underground operations for years, believing all the while that they were living in Kansas.

This earth of ours is one hell of an experiment, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s almost over.

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