Another Higher Plane

I’ve been able to raise my vibratory frequency twice during meditation.

The first time was slightly uncomfortable, lasted for about two hours and I took a nap to return to our 3rd dimensional frequency. (the episode with my kids)

The second time, however, was a gift. There’s no other way to describe it.

I was meditating on my couch, again, and got deep into a trance. These deep trances, by the way, are so comfortable, so relieving and so peaceful. It’s like taking a nice, hot bath.

Anyway, this particular time was different because I felt myself ascending into a much higher vibratory state. Much higher.

And now I know what “bliss” is.

All of us have heard about the enveloping, soothing and loving bliss that is waiting for us in the 5th dimension and I’m here to report to anyone that’s interested that it will knock your socks off!

It’s like this: you’re frozen. Stiff as a board. There is nothing in your mind. Nothing. Nada. Completely empty. You feel like you weigh 1000 pounds, like a human rock. There is this flowing energy that is running through you. It feels like you could float away on the energy, but at the same time, you feel rooted to the earth, like a giant tree.

Every single cell in your body, every single nerve ending, all your fingers, toes, hair, skin, eyes, elbows, whatever, are bathed in a relaxing, soothing, warm and cuddling vat of pure tranquilizer.

It’s bliss. That’s about the best I can do to describe it.

After a while, a woman appeared in front of me. She was sitting in a large, cushioned chair. It seemed like there were two other people standing behind her, but for some reason, I couldn’t be sure.

We were sitting in a quiet room with a white, misty haze around us. It was peaceful beyond description. I think the woman wanted to speak to me, but she couldn’t.

Why? Because my two teenagers burst through the garage door into the kitchen and the resulting noise and clamor rattled me out of my happy trance.

Rule number one in meditation: find a place where you won’t be interrupted!

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