Shannon’s Notes on Healing

Spiritual healing might as well be quantum physics, as far as I’m concerned. I have absolutely no idea how it works, so I asked Shannon if she could give me a little insight into this ability.

It’s truly wonderful that lightworkers around the world can do these things. I can only imagine what it will be like when we get home.

Shannon’s notes:

Well, I must say this has been a very difficult task for me. The problem is attempting to describe it in a way someone else can understand. I imagine there may be websites out there that can give a person the “nuts and bolts” of it – but I avoid those sites.

I have a natural capability and I don’t want to tarnish it or confuse it by trying to learn how someone else does it. But I feel that it may be important that I learn to describe how I share my energy with someone else, because I may need to be able to teach others in the future. And so I’ve been thinking upon it all day. And so here goes:

What I do, I call it “healing”, but I don’t really know if that’s the proper term for it. What I am doing is consciously sharing my energy with someone else, so that they have the extra energy they need (for healing, or for pain, or for anxiety… whatever they need it for).

Let’s say I’m the nurse who is taking care of a very sick baby. I put one hand on the top of the baby’s head and the other hand somewhere else on the baby’s body (usually the chest). Then I go into my heart (as Drunvalo would say). To do that, you can think of anything that gives you the feeling of love. Sometimes I can go into my heart simply by looking at the sick baby. Other times I think about my kitty. Whatever puts you in that place of love – that’s going into your heart.

Once I do this, energy begins streaming into my body from the Universe. I consciously take the energy from the Universe and thank the Universe for sending me the extra energy. I breathe the energy into my body, and when I exhale I send some out through one of my hands and it circulates in the baby and comes back to me through the other hand.

I can feel this energy because my hands tingle. Sometimes they tingle so much, it’s almost slightly painful (but not a bad kind of pain – like being zapped by static electricity). Any extra energy left over that neither me or the baby can use I send out through the soles of my feet. I consciously direct this energy to the Earth. Once I get this energy flowing, my hands just pulsate with the energy and I don’t have to consciously pull it in or send it out any longer. It just naturally flows.

(There! I have described it – whew!)

If anyone is new to this and they want to do it (because I believe that anyone can do this), I suggest visualizing the energy as a color to get it to go where you want it to go. Any color will work – just to make it easier.

For pain: When I draw blood from a baby, they almost never cry. As I have told you before, the girls at work have commented on this – they think it is unbelievable.
When I get ready to draw a baby’s blood, I go into my heart. I apologize to the baby for what I have to do. I send the baby love. I have one hand on the baby holding the appendage that I’m drawing the blood from. I pull energy in from the Universe and circulate it in that appendage through my fingers and hand. My fingers and hand tingles. The baby doesn’t cry. :)

And finally, emotional, mental, or anxiety healing: When I was with my ex, I knew that he needed this kind of healing. He would lie down and I laid down beside him. I placed one hand on his chest and one hand on his back, and then did the same technique of sharing energy. He usually fell asleep while I did this (and I usually did it at night anyway).

For months, I did not tell him I was doing this. He said to me, “I love it when you cuddle with me like that. My skin tingles where you are touching me and I feel so peaceful. You are like medicine for my soul.”  (I think my jaw just about hit the floor when he said this). Then I explained to him what I was doing. I don’t think he believed me at that time. So funny that even when someone is looking at Evidence, they still have a hard time believing it.

There have been times when I have sensed that either a patient or my friend needed extra healing – beyond what I might be capable of channeling. And so then I will call on Jesus or an Angel to help. When they come, they lay their hands within my hands, and do the energy sharing with me. A single thought from me and they are there within a moment. I can sense them and I can visualize them. I don’t say I can “see” them, because I don’t see them with my eyes. I sense that they are there and adding their special energies in with mine.

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