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  1. Shannon says:

    It’s interesting that you should post a picture of a cat. (A fine specimen, indeed!) Mind if I share with you a story about cat? I never liked them in particular. My daughter and I had done some volunteer work at an animal shelter and I like the kittens (because, who doesn’t like kittens?). But I never really liked cats. Then one day my (now) ex-boyfriend comes home in a heroin stupor with a kitten and says it’s for me. He said it was very special. That kitten was happy to be right at my side or on my lap or on my shoulder 24 hours a day! I fell in LOVE with him very quickly!! Even “Don” told me he had never seen a cat like a human so much. He said, “his whole life is right there, next to you”. Well, now I know that this cat IS very special. He was made manifest by an Angel, sent to Earth JUST FOR ME! I remember what he looked like in our home place, before we came here. He was sent here to open up my heart. I would give my life for this little critter – and I know he’d give his for me (he already has given up his life at “home” to come and be with me, which if you ask me, is pretty darn special)!

  2. mike0v says:

    I don’t know why, I just wanted to post something other than my ramblings. So, a picture of my cat came to mind.

    I don’t have a cat, by the way. My cat has a human.

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