Awakening to the illusion of our world and then realizing that the vast majority of the human population is still asleep is not for the faint of heart.

I don’t know why we lightworkers chose such duty but rest assured, my inner/higher self and I are gonna have a long talk after all this is over!

These are some of the things I’ve come across in my journey in this life:

The WingMakers website is one of the best, most eloquent, insightful and truly powerful resources for lightworkers I’ve seen. Deeply emotional philosophical writing abounds there.

From time to time, during especially stressful moments in life, I’ve noticed words and ideas appear in my mind as if by magic. I remember being confused about our existence and religion and then suddenly, “We are God. All of us. All of us are God”, was spoken into my head.

I’ve mentioned this before, but why do lightworkers live such crappy lives?

The book, “ET101”, is one of the most enjoyable pieces of literature that I’ve ever read.

Growing up with Catholic parents can be a trying experience and sometimes downright annoying. It was a complete pleasure to get old enough to kiss that religion goodbye.

The only thing in the Bible that ever appealed to me was the story of Jesus. Everything else seemed like a load of crap.

During my early years, when I knew that I didn’t fit in just right with other kids, I found peace and solitude in books. I’ve read hundreds of them.

For a total and all-encompassing guided tour through our relearning process that will make us ascended masters once again, there is no better reference than Zingdad’s “The Ascension Papers.”

When I read a post on Above Top Secret, that was written by a United States military pilot, on how he performs his pre-flight routine to get one of their space craft ready to cruise the solar system, I was overcome with immense jealousy. Real or not, it didn’t matter; that post hurt bad.

The vast number of stars that anyone can see through an 8 inch telescope is mind boggling.

If you’ve ever been in west Texas on a moonless night, then you know just what I’m talking about.

Cats can see into higher dimensions.

All told, I’ve spotted about 10 space craft. (UFOs)

If you want to attempt to reach a state of Nirvana, there is no better way than to join a group of your buddies on their various motorcycles and sport tour the complete Blue Ridge Parkway from south to north, then turn around and go north to south.

Meditating while riding a motorcycle changes you.

I have over 8000 songs in my music collection. I think a great majority of people don’t realize how many clues about our world have been offered to us by musicians.

In my years of dealing with a loved one with a serious mental illness, it became obvious to me that something has happened to the women of our world. I could never zero in on the underlying trouble until I was awakened and then it smacked me right in the face; the Divine Feminine has gone away from here and we need Her very badly to come back.

Men? What can I say? Men are like boats without rudders. If you think that statement is amiss, ask a group of men if they would shoot women and children during a time of war. Then ask a group of women the same question.

Long distance running is as good as any advanced level meditation.

The Adamu Speaks video about the Disclosure issue on Zingdad’s website is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it many times. http://zingdad.com/adamu-speaks.html

While meditating, I’ve been shown the outcome of the Singularity on December 21.

People, it’s all good. We deserve a huge round of applause.

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