Q & A again

Once again, after Shannon described her abilities, I had to ask some questions.

See below:

First of all, how do you know that you’re connected to the universe? Can you feel it? Is it a physical sensation, can you hear it?
I guess you could say I “just know”.  I sense it. I can feel the energy in my hands and feet.  I don’t hear anything.

When the energy flows out of you, is it tiring? Does it sap energy from you so it can deliver energy to someone you’re helping?
No, it feels good. I feel very peaceful. Also, that’s the reason that you allow the energy to circulate in someone and then come back to you, and the reason why you take the energy from the universe – so yours’ doesn’t get zapped.

Shannon, when did you figure this out? When did you realize you had this ability?
Hmmm…. I don’t know exactly. Maybe five years ago??

What about you? Do YOU feel any relief or easing of pain when you’re helping others? Like with a baby. When you stick a baby, you can remove their pain, but do you feel the pain instead of the child?
No, the pain does not get transferred to me. I think maybe it is just deadened in the other person. I feel peaceful when I do it. I feel a bit energized for the moment.

Can you use your ability on yourself? Let’s say a hemorrhoid flares up. Can you make it better?
I am not sure. But you know I used to have a ton more health problems than I have now and I do seem better from a lot of them. For example, one of the tumors in my liver disappeared. Now, as far as physical pain that I have, it does help me some (because I have a LOT of pain). If I am in a situation where the pain is moderate to severe, I don’t know that it helps that much.

How often do you get sick? Do you get sick at all? If you do, can you ease the symptoms for yourself?
I do get sick. Probably about the same amount as anyone else. But when I get “sick” it’s usually a complete drain of my energy rather than flu or cold. I have what they call “Fibromyalgia.” I have to balance my life and conserve my energy. I believe what they term Fibromyalgia are actually some kind of ascension symptoms. ;)

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