Lucid Dreaming

All of us are very well-traveled. Each soul that exists here has visited numerous other worlds and I believe it will bring great joy to everyone when we get our memories back.

In a brilliantly lucid dream just a few nights ago, I was standing at the edge of an enormous, open-air, flat and frozen arena. The ice surface was silken and smooth and extended from where I was standing for hundreds of meters.

This place was cold. Snow covered the ground everywhere. Puffs of vapor came out of my mouth and nose when I exhaled, but for some strange reason the lower temperature wasn’t bothersome. I was wearing light clothing, not at all suitable for a winter climate, and was quite comfortable.

Other people were gathered around the edge of the venue. I say “people” but these beings were not what we would consider human. They were humanoid, with two legs, two arms and a single head, but their construction had a different proportion.

Their bodies were much thinner than that of a human. Their arms and legs had much less volume than ours and the joints at the elbows and knees were much more compact. It looked as if they had no bending joints at all until one of them moved an arm or walked.

On top of a long, slender neck rested their heads, which were very similar to humans but with one striking difference: their skulls were very narrow. Imagine squeezing your head in a vise until it’s only about seven centimeters wide. Same eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin and hair, but positioned on a much narrower skull.

Their skin color matched the pure whiteness of the landscape and their hair color was very light shades of red and blonde.

A parade or a demonstration of some type was about to take place and I believe that’s why I was visiting.

At the farthest corner of the arena was a gigantic building and it was from this structure that the proceedings began. Somehow, very large cylindrical silos or pipes were produced in a holographic image near the building. These silos extended into the cold air for two hundred meters and they were placed side by side, like organ pipes in a church.

On each silo was printed a single digit and taken together, the silos formed the number 11,000,000. Eleven million. The population of the planet. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did.

When the event began, I soon realized that it was a military demonstration of some kind. Starting from the large building in the distance a long line of magnificently engineered and exquisitely built machines made their way across the ice, traveling around the perimeter in a single file line.

This civilization had perfected the art of mobility across icy surfaces. One of the machines had a large, central dome with four or five bands of steel reaching down from the apex and connecting to the rim. The rim formed seamlessly with a circular pad and it was this pad that propelled the vehicle.

At the top of the dome several segmented arms extended outward and reached down to touch the ice. What their purpose was, I don’t know. The machine moved silently and effortlessly. I was enthralled.

More and more of this magnificent hardware passed by. Each device was expertly crafted and painstakingly built and as I watched I became greatly impressed with the advanced technology these beings had developed. They are truly masters of snow and ice.

When the procession was over, hundreds of citizens of this world climbed into the arena and gathered around the edge in a tribute to their culture and way of life. Each of them beamed with pride and started answering questions from the visitors in attendance.

Most of the questions dealt with technical details about the machinery, how it was built, the different purposes for each device and so on. Adults and children were available to take questions, but with questions like these, the children became very bored and were feeling left out.

So, when I had a chance, I asked very loudly, “Do the children of this world like candy?”

There was a deafening roar of “yes!”

Then I told them, “I have some candy that I would like to share!”

That’s when the pandemonium started…

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