On Children and Ascension II

Growing up, my four brothers and sisters and I talked openly about everything. That’s just how we were. After the divorce of our parents, we raised ourselves.

So, it was unusual for me to meet the families of friends who didn’t communicate like my family did.

Lots of people keep stuff bottled up and don’t share feelings/emotions/observations/dreams/perceptions/desires with brothers and sisters and moms and dads.

But we shared just about everything. All the time.

I always though it was strange that “certain things” could not be discussed in some of the families I met. It was painful for me to see that secrets were kept and information wasn’t shared in these groups.

As a result, I chose to raise my own children like I was raised. Share everything, air it out.

It’s been this way for my kids and me and the subject of spirituality and Ascension is no exception.

I’ve told them everything. Yep, everything.

And here’s why:

Our children are equal partners in a family. Yes, young people need guidance and discipline, but when parents treat their children as lesser individuals, as people with less importance than themselves, then what happens?

It’s simple, really. I always ask myself, “are my kids less important than I am? Do I deserve more from our universe than they do?”

Each of us is a sovereign soul of our infinite universe. Our children decided to play their roles for us in an effort to help advance their spirituality and to round out the acting parts in this stage play we call life.

In a previous life, your daughter may have been your mom or your son may have been your uncle. Roles get swapped in soul contracts and here we go again! Knowing this, recognizing this helps to unwind the veil in which we’re wrapped.

Our children have lived many, many lives, just as we have. In this life, in this 3rd dimensional quagmire we’re slogging through, yes, they are playing the role of child, but the knowledge they’ve gained from their previous incarnations is as valuable as our own.

I agree that each individual soul should awaken in their own time, at their own pace, in accordance with their last soul contract and what they agreed to with their inner selves. I’ve read this in many places.

But, for me, that’s not the same thing as purposely keeping our kids in the dark about spirituality. That’s why I ignore any advice that tells me to allow our children to figure it out on their own.

Children of lightworkers chose to be helped along by their lightworker parents. To me, this is as obvious as the nose on your face. Why else would they have chosen to be your kids in their last soul contract?

Finally, the deepest and most heartfelt reason I share everything with my children is this:

In our universe, there is no one, not a single entity or being or master or ET or angel or Lord or fairy or commander of an enormous star ship, that is above you. We are all equal. There is no hierarchy of “better” or “more important” anywhere, in any time or place.

We are all brothers and sisters and each of us is equally viewed by Divinity.

So, if I were ever to hear a message from a “higher being” that said I should not help to awaken my children, my response would be, “yeah, say’s who? Who are you? Are you an expert in 3rd dimensional human life? Were you present at the table when I made my last soul contract?”

“Look, ‘higher being’, you and I are equals. You are no better than I am. I am no better than you are. So, with all due respect, my equal, I don’t like your advice and I think you should take it elsewhere. I’m going to help my children to awaken, whether you like it or not. Thank you.”

As so many of us have heard so many times: there is no right or wrong, there just IS.

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