On Children and Ascension

A topic that is lacking on the spiritual blogs, as far as I’m concerned, is what to do with our children. And even more specifically, children of lightworkers.

I’ve read in several places that our kids should be left on their own, to discover their spirituality in their own way and to awaken to the reality of our world using hints and clues given to them by their individual spirit guides.

It’s been a river of muddy water for me. I have two teenagers, a son and a daughter, and trying to find a balance or see clearly in the process of our transformation in regards to them has been murky.

I asked my blog partner, Shannon, to write about her experiences with her daughter in an effort to help other lightworker moms and dads.

I’ll post my thoughts later after I recover from my vacation.

Shannon’s post:

I had to think long and hard about this subject because it can be a touchy one. So first off, I want to say that just because I may feel one way about raising my own child does not at all mean that if you or someone else is doing it differently, that you are doing it wrong. So below are just my feelings and my way of doing it. :)

A long time ago in one of my many talks with Spirit, I was expressing how upset I was that my family (mainly my mother, father, and brother were my worries at that time) and the rest of the world in general were not “waking up”. I had tried to post articles for them but that failed miserably. They made sarcastic remarks on my articles and said how I was naive (and probably delusional). And so I stopped and asked Spirit about it. The answer I got was this:

S (“Spirit”): It is not your (meaning my) job to “awaken” anyone.

M (Me): How are they going to “awaken” if I don’t do it? How will they know? Who’s job is it?

S: It is only the job of that person’s higher self. That is the only factor in their awakening. Their higher self will (or will not) awaken them at exactly the right time for them in precisely the right way for them.

And so, I also applied this to my daughter. It is her higher self’s responsibility and prerogative to awaken (or not) her at her own pace and in her own way at the right time for her. This is what I know about her: my daughter is open to the idea of psychic-ness, extra-terrestrials and other dimensions. This came to me from her, and not the other way around.

Going back in my own history, at one time I was facing a potential life and death situation because I was found to have four tumors in my liver. Actually, one large one (about the size of a tennis ball) was found and when they went in to take that one out, they put an ultrasound directly on my liver (you know, because they had it out anyway) and found three more tumors that were about the size of marbles. They left those in because you can only take out just so much of your liver and have it be compatible with life.

So, knowing that those three more tumors existed and were probably inoperable, I felt it was time to have a talk with my daughter. The thing is that I had never told her what my views on religion and God and spirituality were. My thought was, “what if I died and she never knew what her mother believed in?” And so I thought that was important.

It was a light conversation and the word “ascension” was not even mentioned (because I didn’t even know about that back then). But I told her at that time what my beliefs were. I told her at that time that it was very important for her to have her own beliefs and not to believe in something just because I do. But at the same time, I thought it was important for her to know what I do believe in.

So now here we are in 2012 and I believe that a jump in human evolution is about to occur. Some people call that “ascension” (and some people don’t). I’m not big on terminology, though, so I don’t care what you call it. In my view, it’s very important for everyone to find their own path. Even my own child, who is 12, needs to find her own path.

So that’s my humble opinion on Children and Ascension. And that’s all it is, is my opinion. :)

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