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When you get deep into a trance while meditating, time does not exist. It’s just not there.

Once, while meditating, I visited with my first ex-wife. The unusual part? We were on board a space craft. I told her, “Wow. I like this Laurain a lot better than the last one!”

The only time I’ve ever heard a voice spoken to me distinctly and clearly while meditating, said, “Yeah, we should have some of that here.” It was my mom. What the hell she was talking about, I don’t know.

Pain of any kind goes away when I meditate. It usually comes back when I’m done.

On a particularly lonely day when I was saddened because of the wonderful memories we have to put in storage while we’re here, I wrote this on another blog:

Please tell me about the beauty, the majesty and the awesome wonder of interstellar space.

Is it breathtaking? Is it inky black with blazing stars scattered everywhere?

Do distant galaxies crowd into your vision? Do nebulae shine?

Can you see for trillions of miles in every direction?

All of my memories of our wondrous universe live on the other side of the veil.

Can you see through the veil, Cobra? What’s it like out there?

Both of my parents are “O” negative blood type. I’m “O” negative blood type. My second ex-wife, with whom I have children, is “O” negative blood type. What’s up with that?

Today, just a short while ago, I saw through a window in my living room a bright orange sphere, about the size of a tennis ball, go flying up the street in a horizontal path about a meter above the road surface. It made a strange automobile type noise, then it disappeared.

On two consecutive early mornings, I saw a space craft (UFO) doing a dance in the sky above the treeline in my back yard. It was very distant but bright and clear.

I was at work one day, lounging outside in the mid-morning sunshine and watching airplanes spray chemtrails, when a space craft (UFO) decloaked right behind one of them. The craft was removing the poisons from the air. It became invisible again after a short time.

I’ve had a Morse code ringing in my ears since my awakening. Most days it’s quiet and it’s usually in my left ear. Once or twice over the last few weeks, it became loud and I heard it in both ears.

I can tell when we’re receiving a major influx of spiritual energy by the feeling in my arms, hands and fingers. I get an icy cold, numb, vibrating sensation from my shoulders down to my fingernails.

When you begin the practice of meditation, it’s difficult to clear your mind of any thoughts, but after a while it becomes as easy as turning off a faucet.

Your interests and the type of work you do to earn a living travel with you when you reincarnate.

My dad had a UFO encounter while serving in the military at a nuclear material processing facility. He was told to never speak about it.

Sex in the higher dimensions? It’s real and, Lord have mercy, it’s magical!

4 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Shannon says:

    Looks like you have had a lot of very interesting experiences. And that orange orb you saw – it was just today? Awesome!

    I haven’t “seen” very many really cool things with my eyes, but I “sense” a lot. I looked up at the sky the other day and tried to point out what I was seeing/sensing to my daughter, and she couldn’t see anything there. But I could see an outline in the sky of a (either) triangle or a pyramid. To me, it was very pronounced.

    Interesting times we live in Mike! 🙂

  2. LidaV says:

    Holy mackeral….this is fascinating stuff and I relate to it completely. We must be from the same other ‘dimension/realm’…except for the O neg blood type (mine’s A+). I have read that a lot Morgellons-afflicted people have the negative Rh factor. And they get the affliction due to their specialness…well that’s not very special to me.
    But you certainly are!!! Maybe the Morgellons is intended to stop those pecial people from totally evolving! Which is cruel and despicable punishment. …and we know the erth is being poisoned ne way or another too try and stop awakening and kill off as many as possible.

    Here’s another one for you…my daughter’s email addy has “laurana” in it!!! And she saw a triangular UFO at the end of our street, hovering above it, several years ago. Around 12:30 am. A similar sighting was reported about 30 miles away and 1/2 hr later…sent in to MUFON.
    Maybe you should join!!!

    no wonder we have “all” gotten togther…the ‘like minds’ thing!

    • mike0v says:

      I’m glad your impressed because I’m more impressed with YOU and Bill.

      Read all of those blog posts. I think you’ll find more synchronicities.

      And I’ve been trying to convey the importance of seeing in my vision the woman and two men from Bill’s artwork. Isn’t that, like, really major?

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