Shannon’s Talk with Spirit

Once again, my blog partner (she’s my blog partner whether she wants to be or not) has given to us an illuminating peak into our spiritual heredity.

For me, this stuff is amazing. Truly. I see visions all the time, but I’ve never been contacted or spoken to by any spirit in a verbal way.

So, I see things and Shannon hears them. It’s a good combination, I guess.

In the past, Shannon has asked Spirit about the reality of Ascension, but Spirit never gives an answer to that question. Well, this time was no different.

You see how the beings in the higher dimensions have a sense of humor?

Okay, so I was walking the dog (at 1 a.m.) (yeah, I know) and I was looking at the trees and the grass and the view of the stars and thinking, “all this is an illusion, huh? Strange. I can SEE everything in my view. I can TOUCH the tree and FEEL the bark. I can FEEL the chilly air on my skin. So, even though to my senses, it SEEMS so REAL! And yet, it’s really ONLY an illusion! It’s JUST an illusion.”

That’s when Spirit chimes in (which I LOVE by the way). The message is to stop with the JUST’s and the ONLY’s. Yeah, it’s an illusion. But it’s the MOST amazing and profound illusion! I, and you, and all the other creator gods CREATED this illusion! How AMAZING is THAT? Not only did we CREATE the grass and the trees and the view of the stars and the breeze, but we also created it with such PRECISION that we were able to MANIFEST it all into 3D. Then we were able to create these body-suits and immerse ourselves within it, and FOOL our own selves into thinking it was all REAL! How AMAZING is THAT? So it’s not “just” an illusion or “only” an illusion, it’s a DAMN FINE illusion!

My question then, “How did we do it?”

Spirit: “Your mind cannot fathom how it was done, even if it were explained to you. So I’m not going to try. But know this – YOU created ALL THIS!” (Knowing that we are really all ONE, I realize that I alone did not create it but we ALL did).

So then I began seeing this illusion that I was seeing on my walk from a different point of view. From the view that it’s “only” an illusion, to “WOW!” Look at all this! Look at these trees and this green grass and the view of the sky and the cool breeze on my face! I helped to create all this! I AM a magnificent being (along with all the rest of you). I AM pretty awesome!

So as I was walking and thinking about what a GREAT and POWERFUL being I AM, and the fact that most everyone else on Earth right now are, too, I was thinking about those who don’t know their own power. So I asked Spirit, “what about all the people who don’t know that they created their own reality?”

My answer, “those people who have been able to attain peace and love and happiness through the great Law of Attraction WITHOUT knowing about it are multiply MORE blessed beings than those who know about it and use it to create their lives. It’s not necessary that they know. The fact that they attained their own “freedom” as a human being without the advantage of knowing makes them magnificent! However, it is part of the life mission for SOME of you to realize while living in 3D who you really are. MORE of the Universal Great Energies are coming your way (in waves) that will benefit more people by allowing them to discover who THEY really are. No need to worry.”

Me (laughing): SO, is this Ascension thing real?

Spirit: (*crickets chirping*)

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