The Third Eye

Soon after my awakening I started reading piles of stuff about spirituality. Who wouldn’t? All of a sudden the answers to all our questions are buzzing around in your head, like you’ve just been given the cheat sheet to a major exam.

It was marvelous and the constant research after that made it even better.

But something that I was completely unfamiliar with kept appearing in articles, texts, books and other references and I really wanted to explore it but didn’t know how.

It was the third eye. Our window into the universe. The magic portal. The little cherry they put on top of your hot fudge sundae that makes it perfect.

Any student of spirituality will know that hundreds of references exist that spell out the best way to open your third eye. Going over method after method got to be frustrating and it was becoming obvious to me that I didn’t have the finesse to perform such a trick.

But I persisted for a short time more and finally came upon a really easy way, or so the practitioner said, for opening my third eye.

It involves lying flat on your back, pressing your fingertips into your eyeballs with moderate force and doing the breathing techniques you normally use to meditate.

This way seemed the easiest, so I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a try. I was already getting pretty good at meditating and this third eye business was very interesting to me.

Well, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and not only that, it hurts to press your eyeballs for several minutes while you’re trying to breathe in a regular, rhythmic way. Four or five attempts every day for a few days and I was about to give up.

Then I got lucky. That’s the only way I can express it because I have no idea what I’m doing. I think my spirit guides started to feel sorry for me and decided to give me a break.

When your third eye opens, it’s unmistakable. If someone says, “Oh, yeah, I’ve opened my third eye and it was just okay,” then that person is telling you a big, fat lie.

The experience is so overwhelming, so awe inspiring, so unbelievably magic, that saying “it was just okay” will not be, in any way, an adequate response!

Now, this amazing event lasted only briefly; 10 to 15 seconds, I’d say, so my description is based on a short visit but a visit that I wish lasted for days.

First, my field of vision enlarged to almost 360 degrees, like a horse’s perspective, then the normal patchy blackness that sits behind your closed eyes morphed into the deepest, richest black I’ve ever seen.

It felt like I had stepped out onto a massive platform from a small space, sort of like stepping onto a stage in a huge auditorium. My vision went from zilch to infinity instantaneously. That’s why I kind of choked and my breathing didn’t stay regular.

Peppered all over the place, were stars. Gazillions of them. Brightly shining, golden beacons of light filled the entire scene and I was flying through them at a crazy speed.

Then it hit me. “Holy crap, I’m traveling through interstellar space!” I didn’t actually say that, but I thought it.

The feeling of motion was as real as riding in a roller coaster and the depth of distance across my vision must have been thousands of light years or more.

So, it’s inky black, I’m zooming along at warp speed, the entire canopy of my vision is saturated with stars, my view has no limitations and the beauty and majesty of the whole thing has taken my breath away. I can see light years ahead of me, there is not a single patch of space that’s not packed full of suns and I feel like Luke Skywalker heading out on a mission.

It was bliss. Really. And it didn’t last anywhere near long enough.

In short order, it was over and there I was, lying on my bed with my mouth wide open and my mind slowly spinning down from a really cool rocket ride.

No, I have not been able to open my third eye again. I’ve tried, but without success.

See how our spirit guides work? They tease you with a little taste and that’s all you’re gonna get.

They will be hearing about this when I get back.

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