Visions of Sex

From what I understand, I’m a Pleiadian starseed. That’s what I was told in my meditations, anyway.

I’ve read about Pleiadians and a lot of material says that they’re an extremely sensual race, that being around a Pleiadian is somewhat uncomfortable because of the sexual energy that they give off which can distract the heck out of someone and that lovemaking for them is disciplined and honored.

Well, if what I’ve seen in meditation and in lucid and conscious dreaming is any indication, then that description is dead-on accurate.

This isn’t an easy subject to tiptoe through because so much of what I’ve seen is X rated, but what has been so enjoyable and relieving is that romance and relationships and the magical interplay between women and men most certainly does exist in the higher dimensions.

A woman has appeared repeatedly in my visions and dreams and all the manners and ways in which she and I have kissed each other would be difficult to describe. It’s amazing to me how much focus and energy can be directed in the act of kissing and I can say this without reservation: if a husband and wife made time in each day to kiss each other like Pleidians do, well, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high.

Ever read “Stranger In A Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein? Find the passages where Valentine Michael Smith, a Martian, shows earth women how to kiss and that pretty much sums up what I’m talking about.

Moving along. This Pleiadian woman and I have been together in a conscious dream of mine. In conscious dreaming, you’re there. It’s hard to explain, but basically in a conscious dream you’re sleeping and dreaming but you’re awake in the dream. The imagery is crystal clear and you have awesome abilities and you can control what you’re doing.

In the dream, she and I are “havin’ a good time” and it would become erotica if I painted the picture of the scene we were in, so I’ll not do that because what’s important isn’t in the detail of the dream, it’s what happened after I woke up.

For the rest of the day, I felt her. Really.

The muscles in my body, my fingers, my lips, my elbows and knees, my neck, my ears; every bit of me could feel the image of her and her body. It wasn’t like watching a video and then remembering what you saw. It was just exactly like being with a woman the night before and then getting up to go about your day.

There was muscle memory. I could still feel her. The sensation of her skin and curves was burned into not just my mind, but into my cellular makeup. With my hands in front of me, I could trace in empty air the exact outline of her neck, shoulders, back and waist. If I was a sculptor, I could build a pretty good model of her figure.


Somehow, some way, there’s a connection between the dimensions and physical sensations travel on this connection quite easily. It’s like our memories from the higher and lower densities get mixed. Maybe it’s part of the transition to becoming light beings again, like we have to merge different versions of ourselves in order to become complete and these versions of us will bring varied and wonderful memories with them.

I certainly hope so.

Now, time for bed…

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