Parallel Realities

Somehow, while I was meditating on my couch a few months back, I came across a portal or a window into the infinite parallel realities that exist all around us.

It was a very different kind of vision.

Describing what I saw or where I was won’t be easy and I can say that I’ve been puzzling over how to find the right words to bring it to life for a long time.

Imagine you’re sitting upright, very still and deep within a blissful trance, when the boundaries of your meditative vision are stretched from both sides of your head in a horizontal line away from your ears and tracing a perfectly straight trajectory to infinity.

Along this line, which starts at infinity from your left, passes right through your head and continues to infinity on your right, lie evenly spaced planes of existence that intersect the horizontal line vertically, like a very long file of dominoes standing on end and placed close to each other with a string threaded through the middle that connects them.

The sensation was very much like holding a mirror in front of a mirror and peering over the edge of the mirror you’re holding, which produces repeating reflected images that become progressively smaller on their way to infinity.

I wasn’t able to see what existed on the vertical planes but there was a “knowing” that these divisions, gazillions of them, were closely spaced, but very real, parallel realities or universes and my consciousness existed on each one and all of them were connected to me.

Any student of spirituality knows of parallel worlds and infinite dimensions and I believe my spirit guides were trying to paint a visual picture of this reality for me, to show that I’m a part of each one and to intimate some idea of just how boundless we are.

Even though I couldn’t see it, somehow I knew that my existence on each of these planes was real and that all of these different versions of me playing roles in other places were as much a part of my soul as this 3rd dimensional human life.

When I hear of someone who has disappeared into a parallel universe or “time slipped” into a different era, it’s easy for me to visualize such a thing now.

Quite simply, our souls are spread out over many realities.

2 thoughts on “Parallel Realities

  1. Shannon says:

    That is so amazing! Yes, I have heard of that concept before and I appreciate you trying to give us a visual. It is so hard to imagine! I know that only a percentage of our complete souls exist in these bodies we see here. And I’ve heard that we exist in other realities at the same time. So hard to imagine.

    I remember on one episode of…. oh, I can’t remember the name of it. It was a PBS show that taught quantum mechanics and it’s host was Brian Green. If you haven’t seen it – it’s definitely worth looking it up on You Tube. So interesting! Anyway, he says that whenever we make a choice, any choice, there is a part of our selves that make the OTHER choice and the universe splits off and that portion of us goes on to live in that universe… and so on…. As you can see, this would eventually add up to INFINITE number of universes! Of course, this is only a scientific theory. But it was indeed very interesting šŸ™‚

  2. mike0v says:


    Greene wrote “The Elegant Universe.” I read that book a few years ago and you’re right, he talks about infinite possibilities for every action. In quantum physics there is what’s called the “Many Worlds” theory and it deals with this stuff.

    I’ve read several books in an attempt to understand quantum physics, but it’s too deep and mathematical for me. I can comprehend fundamental concepts, but not much farther than that.

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