Chemtrail Cleanup Repost

Space craft right over my house.

Same craft.

Same craft.

Once again, same craft.

Pathways carved by space craft in cleanup operation.

More cleaning.

More cleaning.

Still more cleaning.

Space craft appeared from within this cloud.

Cloud ship? I think so.

Due to some renewed interest, I thought I’d post some of my chemtrail cleaning space craft photos again.

We also have several minutes of video of the passing ship.

The space craft was not moving fast and was very easy to track and watch.

It passed through the chemtrails leaving those pathways that you see.

After it entered clear air, it maneuvered in unusual ways.

It performed loops, zig zags, lazy “s” turns and right angle direction changes.

Anyone, even the most hard-headed sleeping human, would have agreed that this was no airplane.

It seemed as if the space craft was deliberately presenting itself, almost like giving us a show.

It was in no hurry, whatsoever. We watched it for a good five minutes before it meandered off to the northeast.

I’m not telepathic and I don’t channel any entities but there was something about this encounter that seemed predestined.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that it was my stelan family checking up on me.

The large cloud pictured at the bottom had a bright central area that’s hard to see in the photos.

With photo editing software the image can be enhanced to better show this feature.

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