The Veil is Clearing

When I meditate, I can see the veil. Most of the time it’s thick, dense and fluffy like a big cumulonimbus cloud.

Other times, if I’m lucky, the veil will begin to break up and small glimpses of a bright blue will filter through.

Lately, over the past week or so, while meditating, the veil is becoming clearer than I’ve ever seen.

It reminds me of how a storm will pass and as it does, the cloud cover thins, spreads and eventually departs, leaving your view of the sky unobstructed and giving you a feeling of refreshed relief.

There’s something on the other side of that veil. I’ve seen snippets of it.

The unedited, uncut version will be much better, I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “The Veil is Clearing

  1. Shannon says:

    Mike, I stand in awe of your visions! I FEEL that I can SEE what the New World looks like – only because I ENVISION it as I am trying to co-create it.

    I envision the Veil as a sheer white curtain. I feel as though it’s all around me and I’d just love to get a “real” glimpse at what’s on the other side!

    • mike0v says:

      This is crazy, you know? You’re in awe of me, but I’m in awe of you!

      It’s like some kind of Sponge Bob and Patrick routine.

      The veil is thinning, Shannon. Every time I meditate I can see a little more on the other side.

      The veil as a curtain is a perfect analogy.

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