RIP, Bill

One day, while reading a few posts on Ann Kreilkamp’s blog, I came across a short video of a comedian who was giving hell to the military-industrial complex because it has overtaken the will of the people around our world.

After watching for a few minutes, it became clear to me that this guy was awakened.

He ranted about evil forces controlling world governments from behind closed doors, about psychotic military leaders who want nothing but war, about comatose humans who watch TV all day long, about spending our money on food and education instead of more weapons and about making a choice between love and fear.

In all my years of living, I had never come across this comedian.

I thought to myself, “Hey, I like this guy.”

After searching the web I learned more about him and watched a few of his videos, which were quite entertaining, and I began to enjoy his material and delivery. His style is very direct, laced with profanity, bordering on being a little much and about as subtle as a cinder block.

Somehow, this guy reminded me of me.

Targets included the usual suspects for him, but when he zeroed in on the illusion we live in, how fear has gripped humanity, how we’re being controlled by dark forces and how we can win back our world with a simple choice between love or fear, well, that’s when my interest stepped up a notch.

Looking around on the web I became familiar with Bill Hicks, the smart ass comedian I’m talking about, and his story.

It’s the job of a biographer to paint the picture of someone’s life and I’m no biographer, so I won’t go into details, but what I found saddening is that Hicks died of cancer in 1994.

I became familiar with his life through his website, which is maintained by his brother and sister, and found that I truly admired him and his work.

But one of the most shocking things that’s ever happened to me was when I noted his birthday on his site:  December 16, 1961.

My birthday.

Bill and I were born on the exact same day.

9 thoughts on “RIP, Bill

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow! That is amazing! :)

    • mike0v says:


      What a synchronicity, aye?

      There’s a lot more to this story, but I left it out.

      I will say this: I have a feeling, backed up by meditation, that Bill and I are brothers from our home planet and incarnated on earth on the same day.

      He died in 1994. My son was born in 1995.

      I have a suspicion that my son is Bill reincarnated. It’s only a guess, though.

      Cool, huh?

      It’s like you said before, Shannon. Why did I click on his video and watch it? And then, why did I read enough about him to learn his birth date?

      Was I guided?

      I think so.

    • Shannon says:

      Absolutely! Could be Mike, you never know. Well, maybe someday you will know ;)

  2. Hmmm…..

    From the date of birth you have given you are here to learn and practice the principles of unconditional Universal Love.

    But there is a an issue of either learning to stand on your own two feet; OR learning to step back and not demanding your way all the time.

    You have had to learn how to become more organized and to finish something once started; to become more creative in your expressions and open your talents to help others in some way to make their lives happier; and you need to learn to accept “change,” (which you should be concentrating on at the moment).

    The energy of “change” will be with you until you leave the planet and it is being assisted by your ability to connect to the energies of the spiritual realm. Just ‘listen within’ to that small voice that taps you on the shoulder.

    Change is surrounding you at all times; ready or not. It’s one of your major challenges this time; so embrace and work with it. Don’t fight it unless you want to make life more difficult for yourself. Remember to keep organized at all times; finish what you start; give credence to the needs and wants of others, and open and express that creative energy you have.

    You’ve had many lives of sitting on the sidelines and observing in a labortory-type way without getting involved physically or emotionally. In this life; you will find yourself getting involved. At times you feel overwhelmed because this is a new experience for you. Find ways to deal with your emotional feelings of being over-whelmed; but do not block these feelings. Doing so will make your life so much more difficult. These emotions are with you for a reason: to give balance where there is an imbalance in your collective soul experience.

    Last year was a huge push towards “change.” This year is one in which you will be pushed towards increased “responsibility,” one way or another.

    Hope this helps in some way…..

    • mike0v says:

      How did you know all this stuff?
      “Sitting on the sidelines” is the exact description I used when watching my ex-wife descend into psychotic depression for the first time. After that hellish experience, I had to “get in the game” and help her.
      I had to get involved and was completely overwhelmed and I’ve never experienced such emotional pain.
      Yvonne, you must be a guru!

    • No guru here….. I studied Numerology for decades.

      At first; it was overwhelming because I didn’t know how to put all the bits and pieces of information together after laying out a chart. Finally; it came to me. My role in laying out and looking at a person’s numerology chart is to inform a person what their major goal is in this life; and tell them the major hurdles that will stand in the way of accomplishing their goal. Sort of like a Sherlock Holmes…

      In the art of healing; it would be the equivalent of finding where energy is blocked in your body and telling you how to unblock it.

      Your month, day, and year of birth tells part of your story. Your first, middle and last name given at birth tells another part of your story.

      Using the date of birth you gave in your post, I was able to shed a little light…

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, Yvonne.

      As the days pass, I’m becoming deeper and starting to detach from our 3D world more and more.

      As I look back on it, my awakening was prepared and ready for me to unlock at any age, but for some reason I chose not to.

      I think if I had embraced spirituality, astrology and numerology earlier in life, I may have lived a long awakened life such as yourself.

      I strongly believe that my awakening was planned to be in the early 90’s, but my soul contract was changed. The karmic pain and suffering I experienced since then feels as if it doesn’t belong to me, like I’m carrying the burdens of someone else.

      Six months to go.

      You ready?

  3. Might I say that you came in with ‘other things to do.’ Contracts with family, children, etc. Those things alone are difficult and require your full attention. I came in deciding not to have children. I knew if I did, my life would not be my own and my full attention would be with the child for quite a while. I am one of those who believes that one cannot serve two masters and serve both equally well. My spiritual immersion would not take place. Plus; I am one of those souls who has to have a certain level of peace, quiet, and solitude in order to maintain balance and allow my capabilities to roll forward.

    You woke up when it was the best time for you to do so. It does carry a responsibility. You can’t juggle everything at the same time. It would drive you insane… You woke up when you were needed and that is the important thing. You wake up to serve others, not yourself. I think you have done very well!

  4. mike0v says:

    Thank you, Yvonne. Really.

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