Truth, Where Are You?

Building into your soul contract a specific time in your life to awaken must be a very serious consideration for a lightworker, probably the most important feature of the role that we chose to play while here on earth.

It’s been said that only the strongest, most resilient souls were considered for duty as awakened individuals, whose responsibilities include bringing more light into the dark, and I believe that statement to be true.

When the day, agreed to in your contract, for waking up to the illusion in which we live arrives, I would like to suggest a small improvement be made in the notification process for any individual who is crazy enough to volunteer for such duty.

My small improvement would be a warning.

It would say:

“Beware. You are now an awakened human. Be prepared to experience emotions more deeply than ever before.”

“Peaks of happiness, exhilaration, excitement and wonder which stretch into the sky and valleys of sadness, loneliness, anger and pain which drop to the depths of the oceans are what wait for you.”

“Good luck.”

Earth duty is a rough assignment, is it not?

Eventually, though, when the landscape of our emotions becomes smooth again, we settle into an exhausted but relieved sense of calm and leave behind the wild swings in happiness and gloom.

After such a trying indoctrination it would seem that most anything in our world would find its rightful place in our perspective. In other words, bad stuff, evil people, war, politics and anything else that props up the illusion would become meaningless, like it should be.

And for me, those things have become meaningless.

But what still bothers the crap out of me, no matter how hard I try to keep it from doing so, is the complete, intricate, vast and wickedly fashioned fabric of lies in which we live.

Truth, if you’re out there, I’m ready for you to set me free.

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