A Family Visit-the Video

I’m not an experienced blogger. I’ve embraced the digital revolution as well as I can by owning iPods, computers and cell phones, but there’s something deep inside me that misses the clackety clack of an electric typewriter.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out how to embed a video in this blog and I finally got it to work.

The video below was shot by my son using a tripod and it’s from this footage that I posted the still images in the post “A Family Visit.” The video is considerably better so I wanted to share it.

Near the end of the sequence my son moves the camera around trying to get a better focus on the craft but it’s worth it because the sharpest view is seen there.

4 thoughts on “A Family Visit-the Video

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow! Thanks Mike! I like to see it in video form. It looks like it’s just hovering there – not moving. Awesome 🙂

    • mike0v says:

      Yep, and it hovered there for several minutes, but the cool thing was the way it changed colors. At the end of the video is where you can see it the best.

    • Mike,

      May I say that I used to see this nightly for a few years when I moved from a large city to a rural mountainous location. I could watch it from my livingroom window which faces west. They would even let me know when they were coming. I would hear a gentle ‘rumbling’ over my house, as if a portal opened. They would wait until I got to the window and hang in the distance, changing colors, twinkling back and forth. Sometimes I would see a craft (round) with two twinkling lights. After a minute or two at the most, they would slowly proceed into the west horizon. What lies in the west? I don’t know.

      I was told many years ago that the aliens we are working with know where we are at all times because of our frequency. Their ships are equipped to read frequencies. So welcome to the “We Know Where You Are” club!

    • mike0v says:

      Now, that is so cool!

      I have a lightworker friend who lives in Elijay, Georgia who can call the craft. He goes outside at night and meditates for a little while and then they show up. He has two daughters that are amazed at their dad’s ability.

      On a vacation in the mountains last year, I meditated before bed and was taken on board a ship while I slept. I woke up right before they returned me to the cabin and caught a glimpse of the ship.

      One thing I’ve heard is that the bad ETs gave technology to our military that allows pilots in planes to detect starseeds and lightworkers on the ground below, so when they’re spraying chemtrails they can focus on a certain place.

      What a world, huh?

      And by the way, my kids and I have seen at least a dozen space craft. For me, it’s become kind of a regular thing.


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