DNA, NDE, Missions

In my meditations recently, I’ve started seeing images of the double helix structure of DNA floating around in my field of vision.

I had a near death experience one time while I was a teenager, very drunk, and attempting to swim with a friend to the middle of a lake where a concrete spillway was located. About halfway to the structure and out of breath, I started to sink into a warm, comforting and pitch black state of bliss. Right then a voice said, “Mike, you’re drowning.”

Maybe someone with a little more spiritual experience would be able to tell me because I’m not entirely certain, but I think I’ve been awakened in past lives. Why would I awaken to this crazy experiment and then decide to return for another life? I have no clue.

Just today, while meditating, I saw a vision of myself on a desert planet involved in some kind of military assassination plot. We killed some guy in a building then flew back to our base in small, very fast anti-gravity craft and landed. The base “airport” was in the middle of a vast desert plain that stretched for hundreds of miles in all directions.

Until they awaken, I believe lightworkers are targeted by the bad guys during their lives. When I was five years old I was conked on my right eye socket by a boat anchor , stung by a swarm of 20 or more yellow jackets around my waist and bitten into my right forearm by a neighborhood dog.

I came to earth on a mission once before. Dressed in a black trench coat I materialized in mid air and then floated down into a scene of Russian people swimming in a lake. I spoke to a man and was surprised that he understood me when I asked if the water was cold. He was friendly, we talked, and then I made my way up a hill to a station where I boarded a train. My mission? I don’t know. I can’t remember.

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