Yvonne, a True Master

As any fan of internet blogs knows, every now and then, the best material ends up in the “comments” section after a post.

My blog is no different.

Yvonne has made comments on several blogs that I follow and her insights and knowledge are some of the best I’ve ever read.

This exchange between us appears in the “about” section of my blog, but it’s so valuable, for me, at least, that I wanted to turn it into a post.

And to all the “old, strong souls” out there:  I bow deeply in respect. Truly, all of you are heroes.


Hi Mike,

I am leaving a reply here because comments were closed on Kauilapele’s blog.

You asked how I know the information I wrote about. If I read it on the web; etc. You also wrote you were awakened in 2011.

I “woke up” back in 1973.

Since that time I explored books like you wouldn’t believe but in those days, very little was written about what we are going thru now. For me; it was an exploration into “God.” Who was “God” and where did I fit into the picture? There had to be more than what I was exposed to in church and I wanted to know what wasn’t being told.

I explored everything. I went thru experiences of having books fall off the shelf in bookstores into my hands; being “led” to seminars that suddenly showed up in a newspaper that literally changed my life.

I travelled to Egypt to visit the Great Pyramids in 1984 with a small group of individuals and we had lectures or talks every evening given by those of scientific mind who understood the true meanings of the temples and the pyramids.

Needless to say, my inner connection with ‘Home’ developed and I was able to “see” things when necessary as my frequency increased. Necessary information was given, ‘remembered’ and absorbed.

So no; I didn’t read what I wrote on the web. I ‘remembered.’




I’m sorry to have taken so long to reply. Your message got pushed down the priority list. (divorced, two teenagers, full-time job in the airline business, blah, blah, blah)

I’ve always been in awe of my fellow lightworkers who chose to awaken so early. How you’ve been able to survive for so long in knowing is beyond me!

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had awakened so long ago, I would’ve ended my own life. The pain and suffering here are crushing and I’ve cried a river of tears to help me cope.

Old souls like yourself deserve a front row seat at the celebrations when all this is over. If it was up to me, you would receive a gold star award and be given a standing ovation.

I’ve come across several of your posts online and have enjoyed them all. Keep posting.

And I can’t wait to meet you and everyone else in our community when we get to the other side.

Be at peace.




The hardest thing about ‘awakening’ so early was; there was no one to share this with. People just weren’t ready to accept anything ‘outside the box.’ They thought you were a ‘nut.’ So you had to keep your mouth shut.

We became a very small closed society. I made friends with a few ‘fellow seekers’ and we are still friends some 30 years now.

It is wonderful to see our younger people awakening. But then again; they have to. They have to carry the ball forward. We elder souls came in to begin the groundwork. It’s a constant work in progress.

Waiting was the hardest part. Even back then we were trained to gather as much information to be ready to share for the time of the earth changes. Back then it was expected that at least 70% of humanity would leave the planet during the change, and the ‘change’ would be an instant flip of the poles. Those who remained would need help in ‘re-starting.’ We were supposed to help with the re-starting.

Somehow; through various means, little by little more people started to wake up. I feel it was through various movies that were placed before us to view along with certain TV series.

The Star Trek and the spin-offs, the Indiana Jones series, ET, etc.  were all created to activate locked-down DNA. When I was young (11 or so) the original version of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” with Michael Rennie did it for me. I was so fascinated by that movie, I still watch it every few years today; and in my late teens, the original Star Trek just continued my ‘awakening.’ Yes; I became a “Trekor.”

What was so frustrating for me and others like myself was: “I have all this knowledge and can’t use it.” It was akin to being a library, and no one came in to learn.

It’s better today because I can see people are waking up. Light bulbs are coming on in heads; and it’s a wonderful thing!

Another thing that kept us busy was: “finding out who we were, and what our purpose was.” We felt like we didn’t belong here but had to ‘fit in’ and modulate ourselves to match everyone else. We had to make small talk to fit in and it was a little frustrating.

We spent a lot of time exploring our multi-dimensional lives pertaining to this planet. They used to be called “past lives” but we now see these experiences aren’t past or future. They aren’t over; they are ongoing and can be focused upon if there is need.

You came into this world at a time when it was more brutal, raw, and just plain bad. If you were a ‘sensitive’ soul, it must have been like being dropped into a pot of boiling water.

Just as the media was being used to wake people up, it was used to de-sensitize humanity.

I look at programming now and shake my head. Our young are being programmed to cause pain and death and think it is alright. I grew up in a time when television was new and if violence was in the storyline it was not shown in explicit detail as it is today.

If someone was stabbed or shot, you were shown a shadow on the wall, or you heard the shot and saw the person lying on the floor. Very few times were you shown blood streaming all over the place; and never saw the body blown to bits with a part over here and a part over there.

I want you to hang in there, Mike.

Find your happiness and solace in recognizing and understanding that your presence on this planet is helping a great deal. Your frequency is helping to upgrade those around you.

Where you walk, where you ride, where you stand is affecting everyone. You’re helping them to vibrate quicker…. That’s why you came.

Play a little game: while you are at work, try to make people feel happier while they are communicating with you. Find little ways …..




Thank you so much! Your insights are so accurate I’m sitting here with my mouth open.

All my life I knew something was wrong and I didn’t quite properly fit the mold, just like all the other lightworkers. I got nudges and hints all along the way, but it wasn’t until I satisfied my karmic debt that I woke up.

As I look back on this life, the entire experience, the whole enchilada has come together like fitting the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It’s like I’m whole again, like I wasn’t before, but now I am. Everything makes perfect sense now.

Your description of being dropped into a pot of boiling water is so perfect I’m gonna have to use it elsewhere in my travels. That is exactly how my childhood felt.

My adult life has been so rotten I won’t even talk about it. Only the last five years of this life have brought me contentment.

I was 49 at my awakening. Now I’m 50. It’s obvious to me that I wanted it this way in my last soul contract. I would never have lived as long as you have in knowing. (how old are you, by the way, if I may ask?)

A fellow lightworker I met through the web calls you guys who have been awakened for many years, “strong souls.”

That you are, Yvonne, a strong soul. Glad we’re on the same team.


4 thoughts on “Yvonne, a True Master

  1. Shannon says:

    I believe we can all learn from each other – and what a wonderful conversation to share! I, too, think that people who have been awake for so long and not had people to share their knowledge with must have been very frustrating. Thanks for sharing Mike and Yvonne! :)

    • mike0v says:

      And there’s a few women who are gonna get a big, fat kiss right on the mouth after all this is over and you and Yvonne are at the top of the list!

  2. What an awesome exchange. I feel so grateful for those holding the light for so long! I know I was so close in about 1984 to 1987 to really awakening, but apparently it was not time as I had to take some learning detours. I appreciate those who were holding on strong. I know I met a couple of them back then! Then I know I was one of the ones who opposed for so long. But I’ve been back for six years or so now, and feeling a lot of gratitude. Again, a wonderful post to read, so thanks to Yvonne for sharing, too. :)

    • mike0v says:

      Isn’t Yvonne amazing? I’m tellin’ ya, Calliope, I’m gonna make a heartfelt and rousing toast to all the old, strong souls when we get to the party.

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