The Nuts and Bolts of Meditation

If I could find enough wonderful and magnificent ways in which to characterize and describe meditation, I would, but I can’t.

Meditation is a gift from Divinity.

After my awakening I decided to begin meditating and I purposely ignored the mountains of information and advice that is available about how to do it, when to do it, what position to do it in, where to do it and what flavor of incense I should burn during it.

Basically, I plopped down on my couch and shut up. This is the way I wanted to go. I wasn’t interested in spending hours trying to learn some esoteric, mysterious, complicated method that would promote me to a position of swami or guru in a short time.

Well, it’s great to know that just shutting up, being quiet and sitting still will get you to the same place that the transcendental masters visit and amazingly enough, it’s really very easy.

To get there, I use a simple breathing technique for a little while and then settle down into complete relaxation and almost no respiration. At the beginning I’m like an exercising athlete but at  the end I’m like a sleeping cat.

For me, when I meditate, I’m searching to tune into a specific frequency, quite a bit like tuning the radio in your car to a favorite station where you twist and tweak the tuner knob until you hit the sweet spot and the music comes through clearly.

When the respiration becomes very shallow and I’ve been still for about 15 minutes, I’ll make a connection to that sweet spot which is the universal consciousness.

That moment of connection is palpable, you can feel it every time. It’s like you’re a kite, tethered to the ground and then someone cuts the string and you’re suddenly free to drift away. It feels just like that.

Where you go when you’re released is magical.

I’ve seen other planets, faces of people, animals, heart shapes, exotic colors, landscapes, machinery, space craft, whales, dead relatives, the Akashic Records, interstellar space, other sentient beings, complex geometric figures, caricature drawings, massive docking structures, anti-gravity vehicles, dolphins and even my master and his son when I was a dog.

If there’s one thing that has struck me as particularly awesome, it would have to be the colors in the higher dimensions. What we have here in the way of colors on 3D earth is horribly white-washed and diluted compared to the upper realms.

Reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, browns, all the colors, they’re magnified and amplified and so vibrant that it hurts your eyes to first look at them. It’s like they’re electric or on fire or pulsating with high energy. It shocked the crap out of me when I saw them for the first time.

Meditation is like dreaming while you’re awake.

Meditation is like the extension cord that connects you to the universal consciousness electrical outlet.

Meditation is how you download you.

Meditation shows you that you’re so much more than a human vessel, that you’ve occupied many other bodies, that you’ve traversed enormous distances and seen spectacular places.

But the best thing about it is finding out that during all that travel and incarnating, you stayed the same.

You have always been you.

Cool, huh?

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