Welcome Back

I’ve lived in a suburb of Atlanta for 25 years, owned several homes and during that time I’ve spent hundreds of hours, year after year, working on, cultivating, rearranging, digging up, fertilizing and generally maintaining landscapes and yards.

This spring, the spring of 2012, is by far the most green, most lush, most well-watered and evenly humidified season I’ve ever seen. Even the most hard-headed, deeply asleep and narrow minded person would have to agree that our earth has changed.

Just a few days ago I came across a most welcome sight in the daylilies and gladiolas that are growing in front of my house: honey bees.

Honey bees have been gone for so long where I live that I thought their extinction was at hand. The effort by the dark forces to kill them off worked very well.

What a pleasant surprise to find them buzzing around the flowers again.

Can you believe it?

Honey bees are back.

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