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The internet has saved humanity’s collective ass. It’s as simple as that. Now that the web has been around for a while and hundreds of millions of people have access to it and use it daily, I can’t imagine living in a world without it.

I suppose when our memories and abilities are returned to us the internet will lose its appeal as we develop long lost techniques once again, but in the meantime it looks like many of us will spend hours in front of a computer, surfing the web for ever more information.

I eagerly anticipate the day when I can say goodbye to this machine and its worldwide connection and instead use my own brain for learning the wonders of the universe.

Until that time when we’re free from a keyboard and mouse, I’d like to share some links I’ve discovered in my travels across the matrix. is a treasure trove of enlightening material and worth exploring by anyone who is interested in finding out who we are.


The following link takes you to a spreadsheet table that lists many different contact events that took place between ETs and humans. Information like who, what, where and when is listed here.

The next link connects to a pictorial representation of earth and the different confederation of civilizations that visit us. Clicking on a planet links to more information about that species.

For a very quick overview of the hidden rulers of earth, click on the link below. This article is basic so don’t expect deep insight.

To bring yourself up to speed on the inner earth land of Agartha, the next link is a good source. (The story of Olaf Jansen is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read.)

Another one of the most amazing things I’ve read is the book “UFO Contact from Planet Iarga.” This book is so good, so descriptive and so enlightening, I recommend that every single human being read it. The entire book is linked.

The Iargans delivered a vitally important message to us along with deeply spiritual teachings. The following link connects to a description of the three types of races that populate our universe. They are the Dwarf races, the Middle races and the Long-legged races. The information here is so important that it should be mandatory for everyone to read, in my opinion.

Finally, an excellent spiritual reference guide that is presented in a simplified picture form lives at the next link. It’s a visual portrayal of the astral realms, prayer, meditation, our higher selves, karma and all the other esoteric stuff that humanity has forgotten about. It’s very good.


Now for some disclaimers: how true any of this information is, I don’t know. There’s no way I could verify any or all of it, but I will say that it resonates with me very well and it has helped me to think with a galactic perspective.

Also, the material was originally written in the Norwegian language and then translated, so awkward wording and phrases have to be dealt with. Some text sections are displayed in both languages.

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