What We Can Do

The following excerpt is from “Agent Buried Alive.” This book, written by James Michael Casbolt, is a story that should be avoided. You should attempt to read it only if you have a tolerance for truly heinous descriptions of what the dark forces have done here on earth.

I’m using a short passage from the book, however, to help bring to light a better picture of our existence and the abilities we possess as spiritual beings.

There has recently been a film released called “The Secret” which claims that a person can create the reality around them using their thoughts.

When I saw the film, I immediately noticed this was just watered down physics the NSA had taught me in the past. I have done things in the past year like getting my information out to millions of people through radio shows, magazines, and the internet using the methods I was taught by this positive cell in the NSA. They call this MPO (Manifest Production Observership) and LERM (Light Encoded Reality Matrix).

Without getting into the technical nitty gritty, LERM relies on the integrated functioning of three important organs in the body:

  • the cortical brain complex (which includes the old reptilian, old mammalian, and necrotic brain)
  • the heart
  • the visceral or enteric brain

LERM is taught to initiates of the highest levels of Freemasonry, as well as the NSA people. It is fairly simple once you break it down, and people who understand it can manifest their desires into reality extremely quickly.

This would seem like magic to the uninitiated, but so would have televisions and radio waves to someone a couple of hundred years ago. This secret technology is years more advanced than anything in the public domain and is science that was developed at the Pine Gap underground NSA in Australia, as well as other places. I will be putting some of these NSA physics documents in this book, so you can learn how to do it as well, even though certain factions do not want this information getting out.

What Casbolt is describing defies logical thinking and is an ability that all humans have locked inside themselves. We can manifest anything we want, instantaneously, right out of thin air.

Next is an excerpt from the four interviews given by Dr. Neruda which appear on the WingMakers website.

Dr. Neruda: “Quantum objects become increasingly granular or refined until they become pure light energy and cease to have mass. They are not of physical reality, but rather of a pure-state energy. This energy is further segmented into octaves of vibration. In other words, this light energy vibrates, and just like music, there are fundamentals and harmonics. The harmonics resonate with the fundamental energy vibration and the whole energy packet sings like a choir–except its voice is light.

“This singing, if you will, is the equivalent of a consciousness that pervades all matter–every physical object in the entire universe. Fifteen has successfully proven this all-pervasive consciousness or what he calls the Light-Encoded Reality Matrix or LERM, for those of us who like shorthand.

Sarah: “This all-pervasive consciousness you mentioned, are you really talking about spirit or God?”

Dr. Neruda: “Exactly.”

Sarah: “Now you’ve really crossed over the line. You’re going to tell me that Fifteen discovered God. That he has proof of God?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, in a way, but–but God isn’t what we call it. It’s LERM. And Fifteen was quite emphatic that we never refer to LERM as God or even God-like. He preferred to think of LERM as the shadow of God. The light that casts the shadow, and the object of the shadow itself, he believes is impossible to prove through science or any other objective form of inquiry.”

Sarah: “Okay–okay. But listen to me for a minute. If LERM is the shadow of God, as you put it, then it proves the existence of God, right?”

Dr. Neruda: “To those of us within the Labyrinth Group who understand the work of Fifteen, the answer is yes.”

Dr. Neruda: “You see, if matter ultimately dissolves into octaves of light, and light dissolves into octaves of consciousness, and consciousness dissolves into octaves of reality, then matter, light, consciousness, and reality are all interdependent like an ecosystem. And like an ecosystem, if you change one element you affect the whole. Isolating any of the elements contained within LERM, and changing it, it can change reality.

“LERM is essentially an infinite field of possibilities, or, as Aristotle referred to it, Potentia. This Potentia is like fertile soil from which physical objects are created. Those who can orchestrate LERM through the application of their consciousness are able to manifest reality and not simply react to it. This manifestation can be instantaneous because again, quantum objects originate in non-time and non-space.”

Sarah: “Not to get overly religious here, but what you’re really talking about is what Jesus or other prophets have done–essentially manifest things like turning water to wine or curing the sick. Right?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes. It’s the same principle only I’ve described it instead of performed it. It’s much easier to perform than describe.”

Sarah: “So now you’re going to tell me you can turn water into wine?”

Dr. Neruda: “Actually I’ve never tried that before, but yes, all of the members of the Labyrinth Group can manifest physical objects from out of LERM. This was actually one of the outcomes of Fifteen’s discovery. The process of orchestrating LERM and manifesting physical objects on demand.”

Sarah: “Okay, now you’ve definitely got my interest, but I’m feeling a little guilty because I swore I was going to stay on the subject of the WingMakers and the Ancient Arrow project. So tell me, can you teach me how to manifest things out of thin air?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, but it would take some time–probably a few weeks or so.”

Sarah: “Can you show me some examples of how you do it?”

Dr. Neruda: “How’s this?”

Sarah: “For purposes of those reading these transcripts. Dr. Neruda just made a ball of twine appear out of no where. He just made it disappear as well. Now it has reappeared again. This is incredible. He’s not holding it, so it’s not like a magician who’s making this appear from his sleeve or from behind his hands somehow. It’s quite literally appearing and disappearing on a table about three feet in front of him, which is about six feet away from me. I can see it all very clearly.

“I’m picking up the ball of string and it’s definitely a physical object–not simply a mirage or–or hologram. It has all the normal properties–weight–texture–it’s slightly warm to the touch, but in every other respect, it’s exactly how I’d expect a ball of twine to feel.

Sarah: “Okay, I have a proposition for you. I’m going to need to quit my job for at least a few months to get this story out to the public and maybe even relocate or move underground somewhat. What if I kept just ten thousand dollars to help me through the next two months? Could that work for you?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, I could do that.”

Sarah: “I’m now looking at a loose pile of $100 bills that appear to be perfect replicas. I’m touching them–again they feel slightly warm to the touch, but these would definitely pass as the real thing–wow–I can’t believe it. But this can’t be a million dollars, you only manifested $10,000 didn’t you?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, give or take a few hundred dollars.”

As eye-opening as it seems, all humans can do this. Using our brains, an understanding of the universal consciousness, a few weeks of training and a strong desire to learn, we can manifest anything we desire.

This is just one secret that’s been kept from humanity.

Imagine what else is on the horizon.

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