From Valiant

What follows is a description of Valiant’s artwork by Valiant himself. These paintings are magnificent gifts. Don’t let them disappear into internet oblivion. Print them, as he says, and study them. After concentrated viewing, you’ll see much more than you expected. I have.

“Please Everyone, feel free to collect these images that I share with you. Study them all you like…those lines sure can delight the eyes.”

“Please use the shields I share, they’ll help. If anything they might surprise you with other things too…You just never know.”

“For shields of protection I will post and share the artwork that I designed for this time. I hope it helps everyone. I’ve attached another painting to this post entitled, ‘The Pillars of The Earth.'”

“I offer another gift with this post, a special gift…A shield that I designed that literally almost destroyed my fingers. The White Stag. Now this is one potent shield…I was careful to put it together, and it has special qualities…Print it up, use it, share it.”

“Bad news for anyone sending nasty mojo at me…or anyone with the shields…So stop that voodoo would you please.”

“If you read my earlier posts, than you know some of the story behind my artwork and how for years I studied and grew with it. My artwork was designed to transmute energy, it can literally transform the atmosphere of a room into peace and light…And yes, friends have told me this…even total strangers who knew nothing of the story behind it told me the EXACT same thing…”

“I also designed my artwork to be shields of protection…particularly the pencil art, which is probably why it took me so much longer, and literally wrecked my fingers. I put as much potent energy in my art as I could…with the sole intention of helping, protecting…And I want to share that, I’m here to help remember.”

“I will make as much available as I can, and explain as the time comes…But for now I’m starting by attaching the paintings…which were the earliest pieces I did right after my experience with the angel…They can be protective too.”

5 thoughts on “From Valiant

  1. Dragica says:

    Where are the images? I could not see them.

    • mike0v says:

      The images are in my post “Gifts from Divinity” which is below this one. I hope you can view them. If not, let me know through this blog and I’ll give you the direct links on the internet.

  2. angelicview says:

    Would you like to share with us what, specifically, you have read into his paintings?

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