Gifts from Divinity/Valiant’s Archived Art

These drawings and paintings are a gift to humanity.

Many spiritual people around our world are connected to the higher dimensions but few are familiar with the divine plan that is unfolding before us. Valiant is one of those few.

Click on each image for a larger view and please, print and share as many of them as you can.


“Pillars of the Earth”




“Fires of Feeling”


“Waters of Intuition”


“Winds of Change”


“White Stag”

“Tempus Moved”

“Fanning a Flame”





“American Wilderness”

“Peace Appeal”

“Magic’s Muse”


Ancient Prophecies 2, “Secrets of the Lost Tribe”

“Magic Angel”

“Good Spirit”

“An Angel’s Calling”

“Hope’s Angel”

Ancient Prophecies 3, “The Legend of the Tuatha”

Ancient Prophecies 4, “The Lost Journey”

Ancient Prophecies 5, “Five to Lead, Five to Heed, Seven to Do Their Deeds”


Ancient Prophecies 6, “The First Intervention”

“Royal Elephant”

Ancient Prophecies 7, “The Crystal Skulls”

Ancient Prophecies 8, “A Paradigm of Nine Worlds”


Ancient Prophecies 9, “2012”

“Harvest Gold”



Ancient Prophecies 10, The Watchers

Ancient Prophecies 10, “The Watchers”

Cast a Spell

“Cast a Spell”

Sunrise Angel

“Sunrise Angel”

The Passenger Flame

“The Passenger Flame”

Love and Devotion

“Love and Devotion”



Terpsichore, The Turn

“Terpsichore, The Turn”

Calliope, The Revolution

“Calliope, The Revolution”

Sanctuary Beneath the Boughs

“Sanctuary Beneath the Boughs”

Euterpe, Temperance

“Euterpe, Temperance”



Angel of Fate

“Angel of Fate”

Spring Wolves

“Spring Wolves”



The Merlin Eagle

“The Merlin Eagle”



Harmonic Diamond

“Harmonic Diamond”

Golden Eagle

“Golden Eagle”

Pegasus Penned the Dragon

“Pegasus Penned the Dragon”

Black Wolves

“Black Wolves”

Sun Diamond

“Sun Diamond”

Higher Vibration

“Higher Vibration”



Tranquility Shield

“Tranquility Shield”

Vulcan, The Warrior Angel

“Vulcan, The Warrior Angel”

Cave Ponies

“Cave Ponies”

White Rabbit

“White Rabbit”

Summer Wolves

“Summer Wolves”



The Sheriff

“The Sheriff”

Seven Thunders

“Seven Thunders”

Mystic White Leopard

“Mystical White Leopards”

Fairytale Politics

“Fairytale Politics”

Star Ponies

“Star Ponies”

The Owls

“The Owls”

The Owls

“The Owls”

The Huskies

“The Huskies”





Baby Tiger

“Baby Tiger”









Promise of Light

“Promise of Light”



Land of Bears

“Land of Bears”

Prosperity Buffalo

“Prosperity Buffalo”

Autumn Gold

“Autumn Gold”

Root of Strength

“Root of Strength”







Mighty Cherub

“Mighty Cherub”

Melpomene Chantal

“Melpomene Chantal”


“Princess, Dream Girls”

We the People

“We the People”

Lady in Red

“Lady in Red”

Lady of the Garden

“Lady of the Garden”

Five Races

“Five Races”



The Wolves

“The Wolves”

Out of the Herd

“Out of the Herd”





Amethyst Avatar

“Amethyst Avatar”


Make the Right Choice

“Make the Right Choice”

Unicorn vs Werewolf/Multicolor pencil

“Unicorn vs Werewolf”


“The Palomino”




“Golden Mama Bear”

35 thoughts on “Gifts from Divinity/Valiant’s Archived Art

  1. Mike, Did you create these?

    • mike0v says:

      No. I was in the process of updating my post when you clicked on it.

      There is an angel on earth, and I’m damn glad he’s on our side, named Valiant.

      Look everywhere and you’ll find pretenders crowing about their knowledge. Valiant is not one of them.

      Thank you Divinity for the gift of him.

  2. LidaV says:

    Mike, just needed to add my 1 cent…thanks for doing this for Valiant. We are humbled by your attention and grateful for your unselfish act of sharing Valiant’s posts and art with your readers. We are also extremely happy to know that there are people out there who “get it “…when those those among your own family and friends don’t.
    I know how important this all is because I am his mother….

    • mike0v says:

      I…I don’t know what to say. What you and your family have been through, I can only imagine.

      When I first read Bill’s posts, something inside me just clicked, like a switch. It was as if everything I’ve ever read was unimportant compared to Bill’s words.

      Ever since I was a child, I’ve only wanted two things for our world: peace and the truth. Maybe, just maybe we’re almost there.

      There will be a special place for you and your family when this is over, LidaV. I’m gonna make sure of it.

      I can’t thank all of you enough.

    • LidaV says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It does give us strength and courage to keep going. Because of your hearfelt belief and acceptance of Bill’s postings..and your appreciation for his art…it has given him purpose and energized him to go on. Whenever he undergoes a ‘psychic’ attack for one of his postings (and there have been many) instead of backing off and quitting…he fights backs harder. So we know it is something bigger and mightier than we can comprehend that pushes him on. But as his Mom, I can tell you, that his health truly scares me…he is tired and weak and a shadow of his former physical self. I can only guess from where he finds his strength. And it is impressive. There is so much more to his “story” and what he has experienced and done that you will be stunned as you come to know him better. It is all fascinating and amazing.
      I am grateful that you are his new friend for he needs one who believes in him right now.
      Godspeed to you and yours. Keep up the good fight!

    • mike0v says:

      Always remember, LidaV, there are others who stand behind you and your son, no matter what.

      Yvonne and Shannon are healers and I’ve asked them to help with Bill, which they agreed to do. Those two women are amazing, it’s the only way I can describe them.

      It took a lot of courage to accept the roles you and your family have undertaken. Rest assured, all of you will get a standing ovation at the celebration if I have anything to do with it.

    • LidaV says:

      Your sweetness has brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful quality you have…
      On another note, before I forget to mention this…Valiant/Bill and I go over your interpretation of his posts, and I must say, they are SPOT on. It’s like you verbalize the rest of his thoughts, making it clearer for others. Another of your gifts!! No wonder you ‘get’ him, you really get him. Thank for that.

    • mike0v says:

      You’re very welcome, LidaV.

      Finding Bill’s posts, enjoying his art, understanding his sacrifice for humanity and hearing a loving mother’s concern for him; all of these things were a part of my mission here, I believe.

      Thank YOU, dear lady, for bringing Bill into our world.

      I’m glad we’re on the same team.

    • angelicview says:

      Wow! Thank you for coming here to visit us, LidaV :) You know, just as a personal note, it really does mean a lot to us to have someone who is close to him – his own mother – to come and let us know that she believes in him and he’s a person, too.

      I have to say that Mike is very probably spot on when he says that he is meant to help support Valiant and his work. And I am glad to be a part of this team :)

      On another note, I am sorry to hear that his health is failing him. Mike mentioned it but didn’t elaborate. I have been sending Bill positive energies every time I think of him, which is every time I read Mike’s posts and more. I hope it at least helps him somewhat.

      I must admit, I do have trouble reading a “riddle” type of message and gleaning information from it. I like for it to be spelled out for me and spoon-fed to me. And so I appreciate that Mike is helping to clarify things – and I can always enter in my own conclusions, too.

      I have some questions that anyone who knows can answer. I was wondering who Valiant is talking to (specifically)? And does the information come in just the way he writes it? Like a riddle? Does he know what these “lines” and “keys” and “Pleiadians” all mean? Are we looking at a catastrophe on Earth, in his opinion?

      And lastly, LidaV, welcome. I am glad to have you here with us :)


  3. LidaV says:

    What a lovely response and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for the belief and support you’ve shown in Bill aka:Valiant. It makes a huge difference to him in his continued effort to combat the bad guys,,,or who he refers to as “Big Brother”. Whoever is messing with the order and energies of the world, and himself, he refers to as Big Brother. Some of the dreams he has had were so heartstopping and earthshattering it can only be the bad guys, or dark cabal, or whatever one chooses to call them-those that have the power and ability to ‘play with forces of the earth-and wrongly! They must be dealt with and I know there are many Lightworkers and such who have chosen to take on that formidable task…Valiant is one of them. He knows they cannot be allowed to go on in their destructive and selfish path or the fate of Gaia and humanity is doomed. So he does what he can by letting them know that he and others are aware of what they are doing…and the ‘jig is up’!

    It seems like they are not real pleased with their “outing” and the attempts to stop them in their tracks and they are digging in and taking down as many with them as they can. What a bunch of rats they are. I know he is showing signs of the wear and tear it takes to deal with vermin! They will pay for the evil they down to all the light forces.

    Valiant knows what all those things mean that he writes about. He knows who the Pleidians are, having done this for long, but the awareness that it was Pleidians is pretty recent…he kept seeing 7 Sisters and I knew who/what that was, although he did ‘guess’!! He is incredibly intuitive. Sometime what he writes comes to him while he is writing…sommetimes it is overnight, or in flashes…but come it does. Then there are periods of time when he receives nothing!
    The Lines and Light he uses in his work are meant as healing energies…so much of himself is put into each and everyone that he is exhausted after each piece (and each post) that he must rest for days in order to recoup!!!

    He came in here briefly to chat and I told him of your response. He said to please feel free to email him. MikeV can give you his email…
    He can explain his situation more personally and you can get a feel of his energies directly. Hold on to your hat!

    I can explain a lot of the science of things to him because my undergraduate degree was in Physics, with a lot of Math and Chemistry thrown in. So when he relates something to me, I can help with that area. A lot makes sense then. And it sure has kept me ‘current’ in thee science field!!

    Mike is doing a phenomenal job with his clairfication of his writings. He is very good at interpreting it all!! A lot of the postings are cryptic to us ‘ordinary’ folk, but not to those it is directed at. Did you notice though, that the ore you read, the more becomes clear. Like being let in on a big secret.

    Valiant can tell you so much more. It has been quite a ride with him, so please write to him directly. You are in for a treat!!
    Thank you again for caring for all of us and for the unselfish work you do.

    • mike0v says:


      Thanks so much for this comment. Hearing from you is making an enormous difference for all of us. I’m beginning to feel some pressure being relieved for Bill.

      Something I’d like you to know about me is that after my awakening, my psychic abilities took off like a gun shot.

      When I started meditating I began to see visions immediately. It was a little unnerving at first, but I’ve become very comfortable with it now.

      A list of everything I’ve seen would be almost book length; it’s that much.

      The important thing, however, is that I was told I’m a Pleiadian starseed. I got that message very early after my awakening.

      This Pleiadian connection between Bill and his source and me is significant, I believe.

    • LidaV says:

      Holy mackeral…I’ll say.
      Maybe he is one too which is why it keeps coming back to him…the messages that is. He has had more flashes today, about himself and why they came to him the other night….
      I hope you write to him. He needs to tell you himself!!

  4. Julia says:

    I just have to say thanks for posting Valiant’s art. It’s amazing. So beautiful. Did I read that some people don’t see anything? I feel sorry for them, that they are missing such joy in vision. I have printed several & put them up in my home office. Thanks again! Julia

    • mike0v says:

      Yes, Julia, some people have a hard time seeing what Valiant has drawn.

      I feel sorry for them, too.

      Luckily, everyone I’ve shown the artwork to has commented on how beautiful it is.

      Maybe there is some hope for us…

  5. Hey Mike — Calliope here.

    I was intrigued about the message you sent regarding this picture: Ancient Prophecies 9, 2012

    It’s an interesting one.

    Clearly there is a US aircraft up there: see the red, white & blue?

    The black triangle “UFOs” are black government dark ops TR-3Bs. They have been showing up to people — a quick search on YouTube or on Google yields a lot of info. This, for example:

    The scenario is just like a 9/11 one – and note that the Lizards and Dracos are right there, feeding off of the fear.

    There is a Pleiadian-style ship just under the explosion (nuclear?) and above the Angel, who seems protected by a kind of bubble of light.

    Beneath this scenario, which is very much like a “Towers” card in Tarot – and the Angel one very much like the Judegement card:, or maybe Temperance

    There are obviously children from the major six continents/racial groups — looking sad, but hey, they are well-dressed and fed, and uninjured, so they are well. It looks like their origins — the genetic creators are behind them, the little figures in the background… Maybe higher selves? Anyway, to me, they look like the survivors after whatever it is that has happened above has happened. It’s a lot like a repetition of the fall of Atlantis. (Is that one of the prophecy pics? I need to look. I wish I had a decent printer to print these out and have a good look at them not on a screen.)

    Look at how the Angel is like a portal to the world below — maybe literally the world below with the inner earth! Maybe just what will happen as there is a 3D/5D split.

    Okay. I felt motivated to come here and note this stuff down once I saw it. Just ’cause. I dunno. Felt right, lol.

    My opinion is still that the picture for Ancient Prophecies 9, 2012 is a *possible* timeline, and maybe a timeline for some but not for others. I don’t think it is the only possible outcome at the moment, although we may be narrowing in on a kind of scenario like this one. Maybe 9/11 was just a rehearsal. I just know one thing: I keep the thought alive of freedom for this planet, freedom from the grid created by the 4th dimensional beings that feed from the pain and distortion on this planet. Honestly, if freedom needs to come at a price, then so be it. As I understand it, each of us has a part of our being that is Prime Creator Source, and we cannot be fully extinguished, so whatever happens to this physical world will not destroy the spiritual one. Maybe souls/expressions of Source can be re-absorbed into the light — as in creations that have gotten so far from Source that they are twisted past repair at this point. Re-absorption could be something necessary there. But this world is not really real — it is a place to experience duality, and a place to work for the soul, so whatever the outcome in physicality could have a positive result in the end. Just like the Tower card. Some things need to be brought to level ground so that they can be reborn. Look at what happened after the Mt Saint Helens explosion in 1980. Nature grew it back in the ash-enriched soil. Cataclysm is not necessarily negative, IMO, and could have a very cleansing effect on the planet.

    This is all as I see it — I hate it when others make pronouncements like they know everything, so I am not saying I have the definitive answers!!! I’m not claiming to have the ultimate truth on this stuff, just observations of where I am now and what my intuition says. This is the explanation that works for me *right now* and trust me, my understandings of this stuff has been changing and evolving rapidly at this point! It’s built up from knowledge and understandings I have been exposed to the past 44 years, but I have changed tremendously in those 44 years and may do so again if I am confronted (*when* I am probably going to be confronted!) with new evidence or information. So it goes. It’s all a process.

    So there you go. This may not be anything new to anyone, but I really felt like writing it here. I personally love the Ancient Prophecies series of artworks. I Sometimes have a hard time finding a resonance in the other works, although I think they would make *kickass* tattoos!!! They look a lot like a tattoo sleeve I have on my right arm of a Selkie mermaid, so I connect with them on that point. But the story-telling nature of the Ancient Prophecies ones I really enjoy. I hope they reveal the true story of humanity, and I hope that these become stories that are widely known and understood in a disclosure process.

    Or, I hope I wake up out of the delusional world in which I have been living these past six-plus years, hahahahahaha! (You can tell by my laughter what I really think about that. Just the opposite, eh? :-) )

  6. […] Some of the posts mention artwork that Valiant has created that he would like to share with humanity. The images are not attached to the PDF files. They can be found here. […]

  7. […] To access Valiant’s artwork quickly and easily, click here: Valiant’s Archived Art. […]

  8. Grace says:

    Thank you all so much for making this available, deep deep deep heartfelt gratitude <3 Thank you Mike, "Mom" and especially Valiant. I hope that you feel better now (I notice the comments were written in 2012) because so much Heavenly Light has now flooded our beautiful Plant. We WILL have Victory!
    Sending you all much Love and many Blessings, Grace

  9. Dee says:

    Would you please let me know what size of paper these wonderful drawings should be printed on.
    Would a letter size print distort the intentions of the drawings.
    Thank you for all your help during this very trying time.

    • mike0v says:

      The artwork can be printed in any size you might like. No, a letter size image won’t distort the intention of any of the pieces.
      I usually print Bill’s art in 8 x 10 size, but that’s just my personal preference.
      Other people have used photo quality paper for printing and as a result, end up with a much nicer image.
      Please, print as much as you want and thank you. Bill’s artwork speaks the language of angels. Heavenly energy will reach you through the images.

  10. Joanne says:

    Today, Valiant mentioned Cafe Press as a source for his artwork, but I have spent quite a bit of time there searching to no avail. He did not include a link in the post and I would like to get a poster or two or possibly the blanket he mentioned. I would print out a couple of pictures, but I have a lousy printer!! I love his messages and would like to be of some kind of support…if only by purchasing his lovely artwork! Thanks for your help!!

    • mike0v says:


      I’m working on getting a link. When I have all the information, I’ll create a blog post with complete instructions.

      Thank you, dear sister. And be ready. We’re gonna be “called up” soon.


    • lidavg48 says:

      here’s the link for you…
      just scroll down

      and thank you!!
      He has one of the blankets over the recliner he sits in every day!
      I was impressed at how nicely it came out!!

      and yes, the reports coming back to us from friends using them as blankets is true…
      “slept like a baby”!

      Valiant’s Mom

  11. Joanne says:

    Thanks so much Mike and Lida!!! The blanket sounds wonderful!!
    I discovered you guys just earlier this summer and really resonated with his posts!! I seem to check every day to see if there’s anything new…but now I get an email notifying me when they are up. I REALLY appreciate that!!

    Glad you are going to blog the link for us, Mike….because I’d bet there are more readers/followers like me who would also like to be supportive of Valiant’s/Bill’s work…=D

    I will let you know how it goes….all my love to you guys…keep up the wonderful work you do!!


  12. Oliver says:

    TY guys,

    For making these visible for everyone…

    Hugs Ollie

  13. I’m not sure why I didn’t receive this post last year when it first came out (must be Divine Timing, I suppose), but I’d also like to chime in that I absolutely LOVE Valiant’s work.

    I must also apologize…I thought Mike was Valiant. Thanks to you, Mike for making Valiant’s work available, but thanks also to Bill/Valiant for the WONDERFUL works!! They’re amazingly diverse. The water-color like sketches (like Love and Devotion, The Sheriff, and such) are really great, but my favorites are the southwestern style pieces (like Cave Ponies and Autumn Gold). The colors are vibrant and the flowing lines just really speak to me. It’s wonderful that you’ve made them available to everyone too.

    You all are truly a great team. Please know that your work (from ALL of you) is greatly appreciated!

    With much Love and Respect,


    • mike0v says:

      Thanks, Stargazer. Your comment made me laugh. No, no I’m not Valiant! If I tried to draw anything it would look like chicken scratch!

      I’m glad Bill’s artwork has touched you. There’s a reason for that. So much more is going on in the drawings and paintings than most people realize. Bill’s artwork is valuable beyond measure and I’m not just saying that to be complimentary. His work will be studied and used for the next 1,000 years on Earth. As each original piece is unlocked it will change the way humans perceive our existence.

      Several ET races have requested original pieces for their worlds and because they’ve been kind to him, he’s going to give them some of his best works. Owning one of Bill’s originals will be a very special thing on Earth, Stargazer. I’m not kidding. Bill and I have had visions in which this was shown.

      The story of how we came together in this life is quite the tale and it will be told for many centuries. It will be important but not because of William and Lida and me but because it’s the story of ALL of us who are here to help bring our sisters and brothers back home. YOU are just as much a part of this story as all the other awakened humans on Earth.

      I’m really looking forward to the family reunion! I really am.


    • Absolutely…I am as well! Thanks so much!


  14. skendle16 says:

    Valiant; Your artwork speaks to me like an extension of my own soul. I was drawn here to your site from another,directly because of the words you spoke..they resonated within myself. I am glad I found you now amidst the current chaos of the I have been searching for common grounds once again. Thank you for some much needed balance and enlightenment. Much love : )

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