Two of the Best

Surfing the internet for truthful and meaningful stuff that isn’t purposely twisted and edited to confuse us is like grocery shopping down the soda and juice aisle. Hundreds of bottles of sugar with fancy packaging are alluring, but only a very few have any nutritional value.

Same with the web. Lots of eye candy draws our attention, but so much of it is just plain crapola.

Two sources that I’ve found, however, are above reproach and offer the truth in huge bites.

They are Valiant, who started posting on Rumor Mill News a few months ago and Erle Frayne D. Argonza, who maintains several spiritual blogs.

Valiant is connected. Deeply so. His information doesn’t come from ETs or dimensional beings or any council or federation. Angels speak with him, straight from Divinity. The dark side knows he is a force of immense power.

I will recommend once more: take Valiant’s artwork, download the images, print them and place them in your home.

As he says, the artwork will uplift you. It will bring a higher vibratory essence into your life. It will act as a shield. It will allow more light to come to you.

Guess what? He ain’t kidding!

I’ve had the paintings on my mantel and stuck to my refrigerator for only a day and the difference in my home is palpable. Making breakfast this morning, my skin felt like it was electrified. While typing this, I have a euphoric sizzling inside me and it feels like I can fly.

Print the artwork! Stick it to your refrigerator!

Professor Argonza is amazing. There’s just no other way to characterize the man. He is a former Sirian leader and great warrior Ra, embedded in the Philippines as a human. He is one of the 144,000 White Robes incarnated on earth right now.

Listing his accomplishments would take a lot of space, and besides, you can read all about them yourself on his several blogs.

Professor Argonza’s knowledge, humility, love, service, dedication, concern and willingness are something to behold. He doesn’t know truth, he knows TRUTH. If anything about Ascension has created even a slight amount of anxiety for you, Professor Argonza’s writings will ease you.

Click on the links below and you’ll find some of the most enjoyable reading on the web.

Note: “buhay” means life in the Filipino language.

Familiarize yourself with Professor Argonza’s teachings and your eyes will open. I promise.


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