What the Heck?

I’m sitting in my living room enjoying a quiet evening after spending all day in the yard, mowing grass, planting a palm and soaking up brilliant sunshine from a rich blue sky.

Nary a chemtrail could I see.

All in all, a good day.

As I pondered over the numerous subjects I’d like to write about on this blog, I was conked on the head with a stunning synchronicity. Tell me if you agree.

My kids and I had our best space craft (UFO) encounter in broad daylight on June 21, 2011. See my post “A Visit from Family” to view the video.

June 21 was the date of the summer solstice in 2011.

According to several sources (see my post “Hint, Hint”) the summer solstice of 2012 will be significant, so significant that we should watch the skies.

June 20 is the date of the summer solstice in 2012.

Did my kids and I get a big hint last year? Was our stelan family giving us a clue that summer solstices are special?

Maybe, just maybe, we were shown a preview of what will happen on Wednesday.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of seeing one space craft in our skies on the solstice like we did in 2011, we’ll see millions of space craft in our skies on the solstice in 2012.

Am I deluded?

Lord, I hope not.

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