Time to Fly

Intensified energy is raining down on us. Slow down, stop and feel. It’s like trying to walk through peanut butter. It’s like taking a sauna bath in a spiritual hot house. It’s like the effervescent sizzle you get with a big gulp of champagne.

The big stuff is starting to happen. I feel woozy from it.

Before the pandemonium unfolds, while I can still think somewhat clearly, I want to record a memo.

To:  All of our cosmic brothers and sisters, from all corners of this universe, from all dimensional realms, from every spiritual level, from all universes that exist now and all that will exist later.

From:  A weary, lonely lightworker starseed stationed on Earth.

Re:  The 3rd dimensional Gaia experiment.

For any of you that might be interested and have observed the stage production taking place here, I believe it needs to be said right up front: This assignment was as hard as hell!

Yes, I know, countless of you have traveled through myriad lifetimes on gazillions of planets scattered so far and wide that there isn’t a ruler long enough to measure such a distance.

You’ve been almost everyone and done almost everything.

Except, however, Earth in the 3rd dimension.

We’ve been told, repeatedly, that there is a uniqueness to this created reality and because of it, Earth has been watched over and toyed with like a new puppy dog just brought home.

Well, I’m here to tell ya, that sounds about right.

But the most important thought I’d like to leave in the cloud of infinite knowledge, for any to know, is that I believe our experiment achieved its goal of providing a place for souls to experience separation from Divinity.

This separation, brothers and sisters, is excruciatingly painful. The Veil of Unknowing is a hellish device and I will never again take a swim in it. Rivers of tears have been cried here for thousands of years as all of us in our human vessels have floundered, trying to find ourselves and our way back home.

“But why so much evil?” you may ask.

The answer lies in the depth to which we agreed to sink away from the light.

At such depths, with our brains operating hardly at all, there exists a perfectly ripe environment for manipulation and control. When a great divide separates us from Divinity, these human vessels become malleable like clay in the hands of a sculptor.

Sever the connection between the heart and mind in humans and you’ve created an effective template on which to build robots.

This is a key point to be remembered in future studies of our planet. A great many questions can find realization from knowing that even the most steadfast and soulful civilizations can lose their way if the distance they travel away from the light is too far.

But now it’s time for us to go home. It’s time for us to shorten that distance and start to remember who we really are.

It’s time for the pain and suffering inflicted on Gaia and her inhabitants to finally end and a chance to start over given.

We thank you, brothers and sisters, for your heartfelt and loving assistance while we trudged along. We thank you for the nudges and hints and clues. We thank you for reminding us that we have a choice between love or fear.

We’ve chosen wisely.

Time to fly.

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