Valiant Art

Another magnificent piece of art has arrived from Valiant. “Fanning a Flame” is below, along with some of his comments. 

We are standing on the precipice, brothers and sisters. I can feel it…

“And now STEP TWO begins…Things are going to change. Like it or Not.”

“The Will…to Flow…
The Magic Box will Unlock…And The Changes will come. You’ll see.”

“The lines are waking up now, on their own…I have no control over it, it’s just happening on its own… guess it was meant to be. I hope they help you, for that’s what they were meant to do…”

“This artwork I share with you I saved for this…special time. A lovely lady, entitled, “Fanning A Flame.’ A Force of lines, Of Light, A Spark to start the wheels turning…Both a Shield and a Candle burning bright, she has a lot of strong qualities. I hope she can help you…
But I wouldn’t want to throw anything bad her way…I’ve seen that before, you don’t even want to know what happened. She’s a potent one, this one is…And I believe she’s ready to help work her magic your way…”

Fanning a Flame. Artwork by Valiant.

2 thoughts on “Valiant Art

  1. Claudia says:

    With Love and Gratitude to Valiant for his gifts of Art to us.
    Blessings <3

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