More from Yvonne’s Trip

Also buried in the comments section of a previous post is this entertaining blurb about an offer made to Yvonne and her husband.

Nothing happened to me before entering the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. But my life changed after I came out!

I didn’t know it at the time, but while I was inside, it was as if someone or something gave me a hard ‘pat’ on the back and I became ‘activated.’ I was lightly awake before, but I went into zoom mode and I was never the same ever again. This after spending about 40 minutes inside the King’s Chamber.

A pyramid guard asked me and my husband if we would like to spend the night inside and I turned him down. I was not about to spend the night inside the King’s Chamber with no lighting, a bat or two, no toilet and locked in until early morning…… Not I !! I can only imagine what might have happened to my body if I did. It’s been written that people have spent the night inside and almost lost their sanity.

The man whom I went to Egypt with personally spent about 25 nights inside and he told us you could hear sounds, as if doors were opening.

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