VHF Meditation

In the suburbs of Atlanta, airplanes are in the sky all the time, almost 24 hours a day.

This feature of our city provides an interesting clue into how telepathy works.

When I meditate, if an airliner passes overhead it doesn’t affect my trance or how deeply I might travel during these peaceful interludes.

However, if a voice transmission is made from the plane, I can see this transmission in the darkness of my vision. I can actually see the modulated signal.

Airplanes broadcast voice over the VHF range using an amplitude modulated (AM) carrier. It is the same as an AM radio only much more powerful.

All manner of energies can be displayed on an oscilloscope, so if you’ve seen one in use, then you can visualize what a radio transmission might look like.

That’s what I see in my meditations. I see the carrier signal with the voice modulated on it. It looks a lot like an oscilloscope display and it’s powerful.

On several occasions I was very close to “hearing” what was being said by the pilots. It is a fascinating phenomena. With a little more practice it’s very obvious to me that a person could learn how to “hear” these transmissions.

Our brains have many more abilities than we think.

I’ll be glad when I get all of mine back.

13 thoughts on “VHF Meditation

  1. I feel it won’t be long now for you. Something “big” will break thru…… contact on some level; then next year you will have to decide how to use this to help others in some way.

    By the way; for your information, you have had many lifetimes being a scientist, an observer, and someone who sacrified your personal indentity to promote humanitarian causes and ideals; in the process, you lost contact with “you.” In this life, you are to learn or experience getting back in contact with your inner child and how to receive love. You also have to learn how to give love ‘uncondtionally’ to others…… I don’t know what that means for you; but work with it.

    And don’t be surprised if you discover you have had many lives on Mars. Part of you is still there! Project yourself there. You know more than you think!

    • mike0v says:

      How…how did you know this? I’m awestruck. I’ve been thinking about what you wrote and I’m sitting here and I can’t find words…
      I’m speechless.
      It’s as if you climbed into my mind, took a look around and then told me about it.
      This “reading” of yours is so accurate, I feel like I’ve just been tasered.
      How do you do this?

    • angelicview says:

      Wow! WOW! And More WoW!

      I am awestruck by both of you! I can’t imagine being able to hear or visualize airplane signals. I bet that’s how they “get” information they want… with the mind, more than technology like we think.

      Yvonne… do you think maybe you can tell me something about myself? Where I come from and where I’m heading? Or would you need to get to know me a bit better first?

      FYI – My blog is http://www.angelicview.wordpress (It’s in Mike’s Blogroll), if you’d like to check it out.

      Thank you both for all this fascinating information! :)

    • mike0v says:


      This stuff is magic, if you ask me. How Yvonne did it, I’ll never know, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t as accurate as can be. I’m still befuddled.

      By the way, has she contacted you about her pyramid post yet?

    • angelicview says:

      No, I am still waiting for that. I sure would LOVE to be able to publish that! But I really feel I need her permission first. :)

    • It is a combination of numerology, a tiny, but VERY important piece of astrology, and a bit of observation. Numerology is the science of the vibration; or frequency of numbers. Every number has a vibration. Every letter in your name represents a sound or vibration. I convert every letter to a number and do simple additions and subtractions to obtain a formula. From there I ‘interpret.’

      If I were doing an Astrology chart, I would need your date, time, and location of birth only.

      At the time I started doing this, you had to be somewhat of an expert in math. There were no computerized software like today; so I took up Numerology because it was a simpler form of looking at one’s personality and peering into the future.

      Little did I know that Numerology is not as simple as it appears; and learning to interpret the numbers you see in a person’s chart takes years of study and observation. Additionally; a little psychic skill (or the ability to use the 3rd eye) helps at times. There are times when I might “hear” or “see” something they want you to know as a ‘triggering’ point.

      Mike, this is why I told you to “project yourself to Mars.” Find ‘accounts’ about living on Mars because you have lived many lifetimes there; and you are still living there. Ask to be shown what your occupation was. You might be surprised……….

    • angelicview says:

      Wow! That is so fascinating! So, my parents were going to name me something else but then decided on Shannon. So, if my name was that other one, would I have a different future or a different story? Or – my name was never going to BE the other one so it doesn’t matter. Fascinating :)

    • Shannon, everyone chooses their own name before entering the body. And then the name is impressed upon the minds of whomever ‘chooses’ the name of the baby.

      We know what we want to work on before coming, we choose the parents and even urge them to mate to ‘get things going.’

      Our names reflect our talents, and basic personality, Our date of birth gives us the challenges we will face in that life.

      Yes; we even choose the best time to be born because it gives us a rhythm and melody that carries us until our bodies die. Hence why some are born ‘early’ or ‘late.’

      Take me for example; I was born 3 weeks late…. and I truly don’t like being early for anything. I think it’s boring. But had I been born what was to have been my projected time I would have had a much different personality and it would have sabotaged who I came to be.

    • angelicview says:

      That’s amazing Yvonne! I knew some of that but not all. I had no idea we choose our own names! :)

  2. Shannon, I emailed Mike my “Ok” for you to post my pyramid journey on your Blog. I had to look at it first and liked your article on how you perform healing on others. I do similar things myself.

    If you would like; I will take a look at your information and tell you “what I see.” It won’t be a detailed report, just the things that “stick out,” or something I feel ‘pressed’ to tell you. It’s will sort of be “the next piece in the puzzle” for you. For this I will need your:

    Month, day, and year of birth
    First, middle and last name given at birth (and make sure to check for typos before sending; any mistakes will result in inaccurate results).

    Mike has my email addy so you can send it privately.

    • angelicview says:

      Yes! I would absolutely LOVE that!

      Mike told me I could post your story… and it’s there already if you’d like to see it. :) And thank you for that!

      My b-day is July 4, 1974 … Yeah, better do it through Mike. I’ll email him now but he’ll be sleeping. So he’ll get it in the morning. Thanks so much! :)

  3. Mike I thought to ask you; have you seen the TV sci-fi show called “Alphas?” There is a young man who has the capability of being able to see what you do.

    They call his ability “Technopathy.” Here is the link that gives an overview of the series:


    • mike0v says:

      Thanks for the link, Yvonne.

      It looks like the series will return this year. Maybe I can catch a few episodes if we aren’t flying off to Pluto by then.

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