VHF Meditation

In the suburbs of Atlanta, airplanes are in the sky all the time, almost 24 hours a day.

This feature of our city provides an interesting clue into how telepathy works.

When I meditate, if an airliner passes overhead it doesn’t affect my trance or how deeply I might travel during these peaceful interludes.

However, if a voice transmission is made from the plane, I can see this transmission in the darkness of my vision. I can actually see the modulated signal.

Airplanes broadcast voice over the VHF range using an amplitude modulated (AM) carrier. It is the same as an AM radio only much more powerful.

All manner of energies can be displayed on an oscilloscope, so if you’ve seen one in use, then you can visualize what a radio transmission might look like.

That’s what I see in my meditations. I see the carrier signal with the voice modulated on it. It looks a lot like an oscilloscope display and it’s powerful.

On several occasions I was very close to “hearing” what was being said by the pilots. It is a fascinating phenomena. With a little more practice it’s very obvious to me that a person could learn how to “hear” these transmissions.

Our brains have many more abilities than we think.

I’ll be glad when I get all of mine back.

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