The Magic Box

As the countdown to the singularity on December 21 continues, I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about how humanity could possibly prepare for such a momentous event in this short period of time.

It seems obvious to me that all of the souls incarnated as humans right now are gonna have to awaken before we pull into the station in December.

The awakening isn’t happening, however.

Look around.

The vast majority of us are still fast asleep.

I think a huge bucket of water will have to be tossed into the faces of billions sometime between now and the end of the year.

How could something like that be accomplished? That’s an enormous task.

For the angels who are watching over us, it’s a piece of cake.

Our DNA is a programmable computer, but I certainly don’t have to mention that to those who might read this. Enlightened individuals know about a lot of stuff that sleeping humans consider illogical.

Part of that computer that lives in each of us is a “magic box” which, when activated, fires off the epiphany of awakening in the slumbering individual. It’s controlled by angels.

This design is really quite clever, if you think about it.

Suppose negotiations between the light and the dark aren’t proceeding very well. Imagine a great deal of bickering going on between the opposing factions that eventually leads to a stalemate.

How could such a road block be cleared?

Simple. The light politely inform the dark that on a certain day at a certain time, the “magic boxes” in every single human on earth will be triggered.

Game over. The dark bows in respect and exits the stage.

Can you imagine what it would be like to witness billions of people awaken at the same moment?

Something like that would be very, very cool.

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