Spacemen Nudged by Valiant Art

Of the approximately 150 alien races “visiting” our planet at this most auspicious time, how many do you think have the best interests of humanity nestled deeply within their concerns?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that it ain’t all of them.

Actually, as Valiant reported before, the reason the alien races are here, and the only reason, by the way, is to witness or learn or benefit from the divine spiritual intervention that is taking place right now.

Ouch. That’s a harsh revelation but also very true.

Earth is not special. Earth is not unique. Trillions of planets scattered across all the nooks and crannies of our universe are brimming with life, fertile soil, abundant waters and rich atmospheres.

What attracts so much attention from others isn’t the vast resources these worlds contain but the spiritual enrichment that its inhabitants will enjoy at their time of ascension.

That’s why our little blue planet is so popular right now.

But aren’t some of these races here to help us?

Yes, they are, but only because it’s required of them.

Read Valiant’s latest admonishment of the spacemen.

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, I’ve said I’m doing my part…Though you still have a long way to go…And you may be scratching your head at that.
So here’s my contribution this time…
You all aren’t moving fast enough…So here’s a little, ‘PUSH.’
Now you know I hope, there’s a lot more than artwork going on here.
Please catch up fast, will you? And where’s your contribution? Public disclosure of alien interaction should occur by July 1st…deadlines deadlines…You’re losing points by the day now.”

Push. Artwork by Valiant.

2 thoughts on “Spacemen Nudged by Valiant Art

  1. Here are my thoughts on this.

    This planet ‘is’ special. No, it’s not the only Class M planet in this particular universe, but it is the only Class M planet in this universe occupied by humans who originally were given ‘free will.’ The humanoids on this planet were ‘created’ from DNA collected from many so-called ‘alien’ races. These are the ‘aliens’ who have now returned to see how their ‘creation’ is faring.

    Since we are near the ‘end-game’ of the alien-specie humanoid experiment and need to begin a ‘new game,’ or a ‘new chapter in the tapestry of creation; we are also involved in a new optional ending.

    Previously, when this particular stage was reached, the game board would be closed down and wiped clean of the old. A new board would be placed in creation and re-populated with those souls eager to ‘get it on.’ The bodies would be upgraded as well.

    This is the first time in this universe the game board is not being closed down and wiped clean. The occupants are staying put while the game board is re-created under our feet and above our heads.

    This also means our bodies have to be up-graded to the new standard while we continue to use them everyday. It is akin to living in your old house while a new one is being built around you. Something that is very difficult, but not impossible if done with great planning and extreme care.

    If you are talking purely physical attributes; earth is nothing special. It is one of quite a few beautiful holograms. But once again; what makes this planet special are the attributes given to the humanoid species here. We are the only ones with free-will, emotions and the duality system. Quite a mixture to explore and deal with.

    So much can be ‘created, and worked thru. It can be annoying, frustrating and dangerous at times but this is the special assignment we took upon ourselves when we decided to get involved with this experiment.

    And don’t be surprised if “we” are the ones observing this planet looking in on our own ‘creation.’ It happens like that……….. Sort of like the farmer checking his crops to see how close it is for harvest time.

    • mike0v says:


      Before I say anything, I want you to know that I have no desire to argue with anybody concerning the finer details of our earth. What’s important is that we complete our tour of duty and go on to bigger and better things. I think you would agree.

      From my research I found that there are three main types of races that develop in our universe, but all of them are, without exception, humanoid. Head, body, arms, legs in the usual places. In my meditations I’ve seen some of these races.

      These races are:

      Dwarf races which live on great incubation planets.
      The middle races, which is the most usual cycle.
      The “free will” cycle of long-legged races on cold planets.

      The dwarf races have uninterrupted divine guidance. Divinity is in constant contact with them. They are closed to outside interference. There is no cataclysmic fall of their civilization.

      The middle races have uninterrupted divine guidance. Divinity is in constant contact with them. They are closed to outside interference. There is a deferred cataclysmic fall of their civilization, which arrives swiftly and abruptly.

      The long-legged races have no direct divine guidance. Divinity is not in contact with them. They are open to outside interference. There is a direct cataclysmic fall of their civilization, much of which has to do with numerous external interventions.

      From what I understand, and it goes along with what you’re saying, we are unique because this time around we aren’t going through a direct fall.

      However, we aren’t the only civilization given a free will, emotions and duality.

      The “free will” cycle of long-legged races is the most rare in our universe. The middle races comprise the largest group.

      We will discover other races that existed as we have and be able to compare our outcomes.

      This is what I mean when I say we are not special.

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